04.24.17 Studio 2, Journal – Grad Expo/Symposium

 I was awake and at school for 24 hours before the Expo because I pretty much had to rebuild everything from scratch. It should not have taken as long as it did but I just ran into all kinds of “little” issues. These are listed in my project journal in detail.



I tried to leave the IMRC about 5am, but I locked my keys in the woodshop and ended up resting in Ali’s studio until Susan got to school and let me in to get my keys. Then I went home and took a shower because I was very smelly and yucky. I went to the Expo and set up. I was only a few minutes late.


There were a lot of people. It was extremely loud. The tables were insufficient for art display. Overall, it was not a great set up. I felt that the whole thing was disrespectful to student work. It is meant to showcase the work but if you must yell to be heard, you can’t explain. Art work should be shown in the way it was intended, not on a table. There need to be way more exhibits and way fewer posters. The speakers and performers need to be better organized with better microphones so that there is a feeling of professionalism and attention to detail.


Despite the poor environment, it was nice to get to talk about the work. I was pleased that I had enough done not to feel like an idiot. Owen thinks I am being a perfectionist, but that really isn’t the issue. I mean, it is true. I am. That just isn’t what was holding me up. I simply did not want to show something that was obviously only half done. He said it would be fine, but it would not have been. No one was doing that. It would have been fine if being half-done still looked like it had completed elements. But that would not have been the case for me. I am very very glad I managed to get enough in to look complete. It wasn’t complete, but it looked like it was. That is good enough.