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Butterfly Dinosaur, Coming Soon

01.20.17 Butterfly Dinosaur

I finally got around to working on the butterfly dinosaur. I cut open the back and inserted wire for the wings base. I tried two kinds of glue but finally gave up and bought some liquid nails. I squirted it all around inside the dinosaur. It is drying now. Hopefully it will make him sturdy. I used plastic coated wire. I am not sure if that was wise. I have not decided how I want him to look yet. We will see.

I am going to use baking soda and superglue to patch the cuts. Then I will slowly carve out the texture in his skin so it matches seamlessly. Yea dremel tool!

02.20.17 A Month Later

I added more glue to support an internal spine so he doesn’t collapse from all the decoration going on him. This will take ages to dry since the air does not circulate much, but I’m in no hurry.