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2017 Micro Training Sessions, Laser Cutting Paper

01.26.17, Wednesday

Today I did a micro-training session on laser-etching paper with Wade Warman. The training session ran from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm. Wade began by showing us examples of work done with the laser. The example pieces were varied enough to display a range of production possibilities. After viewing examples, we had a quick overview of the machine. This lasted only a few minutes. Then we went straight to hands-on training. We worked through the process of selecting an image, formatting it, transferring it to the laser, programing the settings and executing the print. When we finished, we had personalized work samples.

The training was highly effective. Wade was an excellent instructor. He was confident, patient and fun. He was clearly extremely knowledgeable. This showed because not only did he understand how to use the machine, he understood what information was necessarily for a first-time user and what was not. He explained enough to make us aware of the potential of the craft but did not delve so deeply into it that we became either overwhelmed or bored. He ensured that we were well aware of all the safety procedures so that we would be protected and the machine undamaged. He managed the working process smoothly. Everyone had an opportunity to practice. He explained, demonstrated and then assisted as we went through each step. Wade did all of this with just enough humor to keep the energy level high and the training time enjoyable. It was a great experience.

I appreciate all of the time and energy that Wade put into the Laser Etching Micro Training Session. It introduced me to a new tools and ideas. I am sure that I will continue to learn and apply my skills to future projects. I look forward to future training sessions from Wade Warman.


Note: This Text was e-mailed to Gene Felice, Owen Smith & Wade Warman