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03.01.17 Independent Study, Journal 7

I am supposed to have my first pair of robots done but I do not. All I have are breadboard tests. I don’t have everything I need. I have to have things sent to me. I am learning though. I will get it done.

 03.02.17 downloaded AutoCAD for chassis

Redesigned chassis

AutoCAD is a pain in my ass

I am caught up again!


03.03.17 more robot stuff arrived

I ended up going back to the designs on illustrator. It is hard because illustrator is imprecise, but AutoCAD just isn’t very intuitive.


I drew the design out on paper. I am unsatisfied so far.


I have changed my plan from what Gene and I originally discussed. I need to solve some problems. I don’t have a surplus of hardware to put together quick prototype robots. I can breadboard them but I can make them do much. The time spent rigging things is prohibitive. It is also messy and unreliable.


I need to be able to use a system to prototype so that I can change out important components without going on a quest for more kinds of hardware. Then I can use that system to develop more robots from the first. Once I have a plan worked out, then I can go on a hardware hunt.





This robot is much too long and has too much wasted space. I should go vertical.