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02.01.17 Independent Study, Journal 3

We were supposed to meet Wednesday but I rescheduled for Friday because I wanted to stay home when it was snowing.



I am writing down questions so don’t forget.



Susan has to send me the grad schedule, but I think it is every other week. That would make the next meeting this coming Wednesday (02.08). Could we have a brief meeting then. Then follow up on an every-other-week schedule after that?


Class Assignments

Can we get a general plan for what you want me to accomplish during the Independent study? I want to make sure that I am doing what you think is productive. I will do work no matter what, but what I chose to do might not be as cohesive without direction. I may end up with lots and lots of little things that don’t go anywhere.


Concern About Scope

I am mildly concerned about the scope of this class. I want to be sure I am doing work that is worthy of a graduate level class. I know that my electronics and coding knowledge is not at that level. If I can make sure that the conceptual framework is worthwhile, maybe I can make up for the lack of technical expertise while I am in this learning process.



What kind of wire should I be using? I have a bunch of 22AWG, Solid core, insulated wire, I also bought some 22g solid core, tinned copper wire. Some of the LED cubes I saw use bare, uninsulated wire to solder the LEDs instead of soldering them to each other. I like that because you can’t really get them perfectly straight when you solder to each other. The wire I bought doesn’t seem strong enough or straight enough for that, Maybe I need something else.



Should I be using flux when I solder? I will do Wades micro training. I hope I didn’t miss it. It wasn’t Thursday, was it?


LED Cubes

Should I be taking time to make these? It seems like a good way to practice circuits and soldering as well as coding. I like that it is reasonably simple. I have read a lot of different tutorials and there are only 2 or 3 ways to build them. The limitations are helpful. I don’t feel as overwhelmed by them as I do when I am trying to figure out robots. On the other hand, the robots are where I really want to go so I do want to work my way there.

OI found 1000 RGB LEDs for about $35 dollars an Ebay. That seems cheaper than buying them in packs of 100. I am going to need a lot of them for both my studio project and making cubes. Is this a good deal?



I need a plan so I can write a grant for Studio and Independent study. I am hoping I can combine that in some way. I think I am going to need a lot of similar supplies. The frustrating thing is that I simply don’t know all the exact stuff I am going to need. If I write the grant but end up buying different parts, will that be a serious problem? I probably need so much that the grants wont cover everything anyway. The resin and molds alone will be very expensive.



Where should I start building? The robots are a little overwhelming. There are so many possible parts that I can’t figure out where to start. I bought the Ringo Bot  to practice with and maybe to let it serve as a model but it is not enough to know where to start. (Note to Self: Upload You Tube videos! You need the documentation)



I had an interesting idea about Braitenberg. We have discus cussed the need to build iterations of robots. I was thinking maybe I could follow Braitenberg’s path and create iterations that mimic psychological behaviors. I considered the idea of using drawing robots so that they create drawings as outputs of their behaviors. I could use the drawings as multiples. Maybe I could make the drawings into some kind of card set where the viewer could match the cards to the psychological state expressed.



I need to find an artist for my research paper in History and Theory. I am going to talk to Owen too, but suggestions are appreciated. Right now, I am leaning towards Braitenberg since I am sure he had an influence on cybernetics.