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Intermedia Artist, Project Plan

Research Project

Write a media-rich, research paper on an Intermedia artist practicing after 1075. The paper should be 3000 -4000 words. Include a bibliography and appropriate source notes. Provide links and examples of their work in appropriate forms. Create a short presentation based on the paper to be shared with the class,


The paper should have approximately three areas.

Part 1: Biographical Sketch

Include a biographical sketch with information relevant to the artist’s work. Include the artists work and association with forms. Also include information about their life outside of their work as appropriate to the circumstance.


Part 2: Describe the Work

Describe the overall extent of the authors oeuvre; media preferred; nature of their work and how it relates to or diverges from other intermedial artists work. Explain the conceptual nature and concerns of their work and the nature of their works development and changes over the course of their career


Part 3: Other Relevant Material

Include any other relevant material that will aid in understanding the artist.



Formulate a thesis.

Keep in mind the following questions: In what respects would you say the artist that you have chosen to study is interesting, significant, different or exceptional?

Is there any aspect of your artist’s career (work and ideas), other than the fact that it occurred, that might be significant and/or relevant to the development of intermedia in its directions and forms in the last 50 years?


Create an Oral Presentation

Create a 10-15 minute oral presentation to be shared with the class at the end of the semester.