History & Theories of Intermedia

05.10.17 History, Journal 15 – Project Presentations


Some research about what the brain endures while drowning and how it creates euphoria

Macro v microworld, universe and neurons, earth heaven – Bill Viola

Bill Viola drowned as a child, he was about 6 and it seems to have informed his work for all of his life.



Ask Steve about Filliou and “permanent creation”

What is going on with alcoholism and artists

Fluxus guy

Paradoxically gentle and critical of mainstream arts slavery t commerce

He was a Buddhist


Not deciding

Not choosing…

Theme: Imagination & Innocence

Rolling tool sheds as vehicles of creativity

Also tool boxes

One has neon inside the box

Robert Filliou

Permanent creation, gives principle of equivalence

Principle of Equivalence “… well made, badly made, not made”

It is considered a s whole and so it becomes well made to which a new badly made and a not made mist be added

Made a stamp that says this and you stamp it on your things, then check the applicable box

Appropriates “officialness” of stamp.

Interesting fellow, but the presentation was so fast, couldn’t quite get it all

The eternal network, b/c  mathematician who died was the last one to live who could understand all of the math that was available to him at that time. Today you would need to know ___ amount to know it all which is no longer possible.

Eternal network, always someone asleep, someone awake, traveling, staying put, etc

Cedilla – hook under the c that make sit soft in French (also Portuguese)

La Cedille qui Sourit – essentially a parody of a commercial venture

Festival of misfits

No-plays, “Noh-plays” riff on Japanese plays, Kohns LOL

Optimistic Box N. 1 – “Thank God for Modern Weapons because now we don’t throw stones at each other anymore”

The Whispered History of art – weird whispering plus a bunch of dates



Gorillaz are an English virtual band created in 1998 by musician Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett.

Virtual characters

Cartoon Band?

Lots of types of pop

Daman albarn & Jamie Hewlett

This sounds a lot like a Wikipedia page

Animated/Virtual characters – 2D, Noodle, Murdock, Russel

Virtual band that ended up becoming a real band. They are criticizing the emptiness of MTV culture. Owen asked Josh if it was a sell out to end up being a real band. Josh says no but it sounds to me like yes.

I read a bit on the guys. I don’t have much opinion, but what I have is not great. To be honest, I don’t see a criticism. I see a couple of guys playing up on the success of adult cartoons so that they could get a foot in the door in the music industry.



It’s an interesting enough idea. It strikes me as overly simple for a graduate school paper.

Gorillaz reminds Josh of his most recent project.

Peter Frampton ???



Joseph Beuys

Shaman or Shame-on-you-man?

Strict catholic home, joined Hitler Youth, marched with then to Nuremburg

Trained as a dive bomber pilot in 1940
Wounded several times in WWII, shot down over Crimea March 16 1944 and rescued by German search commando and taken to a hospital where he stayed for 3 weeks, he was conscious when found. The incident was fictionalized and changed throughout his career, claimed he was found by tartars and wrapped in animal fat and furs etc

German version of purple heart in gold for being wounded 5 or more times,

After the big rescue he returned to war and was wounded again

Let in all the students who applied, didn’t make them pay, got fired, students protested, there was violence but Beuys was not involved’

Anthropo— idea that there is a scientifically knowable spirit realm that everyone is able to access

Drew a lot of chalkboard diagrams of things

Shamanism – endure something hard so you can heal others. But shamans et chosen by the community and j.B. sort of volunteered and took on that power

I Like America and America likes me

Coyote thing

Had a cane, thought of himself as sort of a Shepard looking after his sheep and stuff

Idea of “social sculpture” everybody is an artist and everybody has agency to kind of shape the world that they live in so we can kind of work together to change the social sculpture that is around us, art or civic action or whatever works, it’s a big deal for Beuys,

7000 Oaks, Planted 7000 oaks and with each one put in a basalt column in Kassel Germany, wasn’t completed until after his death in 1985

Steve” “Peace and Flowers and Dead Hares”

Coyote is representative of America but also sacred to the native Americans so it also another example of him trying to communicate with another species, kind of like communicating with the hare

The hare was dead, because he wanted to convey that it was still able to understand

JB – “to be a teacher is my greatest work of art”

Owen says he was later rehired with 3 years of back pay

Founding members of the Free University of berlin





Slapped down carelessly

Video of maybe car in tunnel, parking garage, not sure

Lots pf photos, maybe part of a room, little polaroid’s,  tables, lots of office like stuff

Video called “Tunnel” by Thomas Demand (Dumant) dated 1999

He said even in Arizona, when he said “draw the tunnel where Princess Diana died” to children, they could all do it

Presidency – image, 2008 cover of NY Times magazine, series of pictures commissioned by the NYTs, picture is actually a paper model of the oval office

He is a sculpture photographer etc. He builds a large scale paper model then he photographs it. Then he destroys it.

Builds model skewed so they look correct in photo, (Parthenon-like). He takes familiar imagery and changes it through the sculpture, photographs it and destroys the sculpture. Says he is not a photographer but a conceptual artist

Badezimmer – German politician found dad, fully clothed in his bath tub, suspicious but unresolved

He sanitizes the rooms and removes all the people from them

“there is no innocent room”

Kuche – image of the kitchen where Sandam Hussein was living before he was murdered

Images we use to compose our understanding of what reality is

That’s why it is so relevant that children could draw the tunnel were Diana died because those images are replacing our real sense of being in the world – Derrick

Kontrollraum – the Fukoshima control room

Raum – room of failed attempt to assassinate Hitler

He allowed one of his models to be shown once. It was supposed to be down a corridor and viewed through an aperture but the museum didn’t do it. A visiting photographer sat on one of his paper tables and broke it. He said if the photographer really didn’t know then he was doing his job

It is an age where everyone has a camera, Even the most basic details are all archived into the internet.


He is doing this on perfect to remind the viewer of the distance between now and humanity, between the original, the image, then the destruction of the image leaving the photograph of the disappeared image so that reality no longer has any primal authority to it. It is just a myriad of images were one thing can be replaced with another

He was taking images of destroyed missing things so Derrick decided to take photographs of the books of the images in the books he was using to write the paper, so he took a very clear image of just the photograph then he realized that he also could catch whatever is in the context of that image, and then started putting the images inside the later images so that they are images of images of the image, wanted to engage with the image is a more real way than just pulling them from the internet to display

Josh asked how he would display the photos

Dereck said he would leave them as they are, disentangled from the entanglement of the images



Cuban Conceptual Art

More interested in the political aspect of Cuban conceptual art

More interested in Cuban artists who were being up front about their descent with Cuba and poetics

“artistic creativity is free as long as it is not contrary to the revolution”

Within the revolution everything goes, Against the revolution, nothing – Castro

El Sexto – Graffiti artist, went around and write “He’s left” all around the city after Castro died. People took pictures. He got arrested. Stayed in jail for 2 months. Normally he would just get a fine but since it was about Fidel, he went to jail

Painted pigs “Raul” and “Fidel” and let them loose in Cuban street.

Cuba does have attorneys and human rights organizations watching, so you can do more when people are watching

Coco Fusco, documenting how social media has changed things in the past two years

Now at least people have someone who knows what happens to you can might be able to come and save you

El Sexto – 33 years old and served four prison terms or speaking against Cuba

Los Carpinteros Conga Dance

Humor and metaphor, everything backwards, to question possibility of change, not ;like Sexto because they are able to get away with it. They do it in a very subliminal way, within art world, state leaves it alone

The state dislikes it more when it touches the “actual people” VERY GOOD POINT VIRGINIA, Good point about art in general, when it is limited to art for other artists it is preaching to the choir so to speak, not at all dangerous

Tania Brueguera – influenced by Mendietta

Says you must be political in Cuba, can’t be afraid