History & Theories of Intermedia

04.13.17 History, Journal 11 – Expansion of Concepts into New Forms, Part II: Installation and Environmental Art


Art and the Environmental Crisis: From Commodity Aesthetics to Ecology Aesthetics by Timonthy W. Luke

Land Art as Expression of Culture, Aesthetics and Sustainability in the Regeneration of Postindustrial Landscapes by Margaretha Lehenbauer

One Place after Another: Notes on Site Specificity by Miwon Kwon

About Installation by Ilya Kabakov; Margarita Tupitsyn; Victor Tupitsyn

IMMA What is Installation Art


Class Notes

Engagements with Space and form

Installation, newest of the forms even if it can be argued that it existed before.

Late 7os, early 80s and 90s – becomes dominate form of art makings


Two routs coming out of traditional art making practices

Moving towards intermediary stage and into environmental concerns

1 – looks at environmental concerns relating to a connecting to the issues around gender, specifically feminist art work

Ie. Betsy Damons and Mary Beth Edleston

From patriarchy to matriarchy, earth goddess etc

Many were performances


Issues regarding geography, Stonehenge, celestial bodied, etc.

Interest in earth

Nancy Holt, Sun Tunnels 1976


2 – Minimalist sculpture

Robert Morris 1965

Understanding the core of minimalist sculpture. Not an intensification of the “objectness” trying to reduce to bare minimum. Many critics thought this. What are the fundamental properties of any art. But this is a misinterpretation. They were interested in how the object intersected the space. How did the object affect the experience of the space?

1968 piece is big “observatorium”

How do they engage with perception as a primary connection point?

Engagement with spacial perception

Interest in moving out of galleries, non-salable objects

Moving away from objectification

Also, some engagement with the ecological nature of the landscape but still somewhat aggressive, adversarial, etc.


Earthworks – large scale manipulation of earth, bulldozers etc.

Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty 1972 in the Salt Lakes



Lightning field art

Wheatfield, Agnes Denes’s


Performative engagements ex Hamish Fulton, British Artist “Seven Winds Seven Twigs Seven Paths”


Walter DeMaria – Earthroom, room full of dirt


Specifically associated with a specific location, gives meaning or context to the work


Action painting – the act of painting as the work, extends into the environment


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