History & Theories of Intermedia

04.06.17 History, Journal 10 – Expansion of Concepts into New Forms, Part I: Performance Art, New Dance and Body Art


The Institutionalization of an American Avant-Garde: Performance Art as Democratic Culture, 1970-2000 by Britta B. Wheeler

Somaesthetics and Democracy: Dewey and Contemporary Body Art by Martin Jay

Karen Finley: A Constant State of Becoming: An Interview by Richard Schechner

Going with the Flow: Performance Art and Mass Culture by Philip Auslander

“Presence” in Absentia: Experiencing Performance as Documentation by Amelia Jones



Watched Performance Art Videos

PBS performance art

Martha Wilson, History of Performance Part One, Two and Three

 LAURIE ANDERSON – On Performance, ART

Yoko Ono “Cut Piece” Performance Art


Eleanor Antin – From the Archives of Modern Art

Chris Burden “Shoot”

Acconci Vito Conversions 1971

Martha Rostler, Kitchen Semiotics

Joseph Beuys w/ Coyote,

Laurie Anderson – Home of The Brave (1986),

Talking Heads “Burning Down the House”

Eric Bogosian Medicine

Bleecker St Incident

Lydia Lunch, this gun

Survival Research Labs “Crimewave Show” 1995, Illusions of Shameless Abundance, 1989

Act Up – United in Anger Trailer,

Hennisy Youngman ñ Beuys-z art thoughts