History & Theories of Intermedia

02.02.17 History, Journal 3 – Essays on Intermedia (related to Higgins’ concept)

Readings (In Order):

Intermedia, Multi-media, Media by Ken Friedman

Intermedial Perception or Fluxing Across the Sensory by Hannah Higgins

Looking Back by Dick Higgins (Optional Reading)

New/Inter/Media by Melanie Swalwell

Between Representation and Social Interaction by Carol-Ann Braun


Kafka at 3 then Owen on Dada. Neville Hall


Good word: Manifesto, Sensorium, “SomAesthetics”


Blog Categories

Adam: Surrealism/Dada

Destin: Art & Science

Derrick: Art & Technology (dsmith@foxcroftacademy.org)

Steve: Sound Art

Amanda: Land Art/Environmental Art

Josh: Experimental Music


Artist by Next Week for paper


Class Notes

Ken Friedman – department of communication and design at the Norwegian School of management

Grew up in California

Counter culture in the mid-60s in the Bay Area

Joined the Fluxus Group in 1966 at 16 years’ old

Assembler, bringer togetherer of materials

Un systematized view of things

As well as systematized, detailed organized


Coleridge paper on Spenser archived at Vermont.edu third paragraph of the paper. He writes narrative allegory… it is in short, the proper intermedium between person and personification “Coleridge”


Fluxus – performance to publishing to community


Machunas – New York housing, mob put out his eye! Poor fellow. Housing in Soho. Tried to buy an island in the Caribbean. But they got left there and there was no water, poison plants etc. Bought estate in Western Mass. Near New York border.


Intermedia is in the gestation phase. When it begins to take shape, it becomes that new thing, the new media


Multimedia is additive and intermedia they are connected in a way that can’t be separated

Audience becomes part of authoring a piece

Esther Milne is not Esther Milman!


Purity of categories


“Age of Alternative Facts” – Owen

At what degree does an allowance of multiple points of view allow for the idea that all points of view are valid.


“I give you permission but not to do anything” John Cage

I give you permission but you have responsibility to go with it


Certainly, fits my life view


Music is an assault