Final Project Review: Semester 2, Spring 2017

Final Class Review: Semester 2, Spring 2017

Semester Goals

Note Taking – I have been a little better about notes. I took good note sin History and Theory but not in Studio. It is just not the kind of setting that encourages it. It may be better just not to fight it. I did write reviews of class and of the guest speakers. That’s good enough.


Project Journals – I think I like the project journal system. Sometimes I do wish I could see my whole schedule all at once, but I don’t really need to. I could do both, but I think I document enough. I don’t want to be over extended.

Skill Building

This has been a semester of serious skill building. I have addressed all of the following skills.


Faro Arm Training

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Assorted Support Graphic Programs such as Inkscape and Paint Shop Pro


123 Circuits


Laser Cutting (Universal and Logilase)

CnC (Brief Overview)

Vacuum Former

Circuit Bending

Electronic Part Harvesting

Electric Circuits


LED & Fiber Optic Manipulation


Project Time-line

While I did not adhere to it rigidly, I did adhere to the general layout. It was a good way to see that I didn’t over-extend.


Continuing Project List

Idea & Thought Log

I have been keeping this up very well. However, I didn’t really change the format. It didn’t seem necessary. I did go through and revise the wording to make sure I will be able to remember what I meant in years to come.


Pecha Kucha Revision

I worked on changing some of the quotes but I have not done a new image as of 04.03.17


Random Dinosaurs

I glued in the wire for the butterfly dinosaur and I finally got material for the Pimp Dinosaur but did not have a chance to complete them.



I hope I get this done because it is very important to me.



New Project List

Studio Construction

I need a better studio space. I have agonized over how to do this. I will make a project out of it and document it through the semester. I think that treating it that way will be interesting. I have some vague ideas left over from my “Work” of Art project. I am not quite sure what I am going to do with them yet, but I think that documenting the studio organization could be useful. I might decide to document other artist’s spaces as well. I know this has been done many times and I honestly don’t think I have anything to add, but I do think I could learn from the process and it won’t be that time consuming so if I can, I will do it.


Time Magazine

Incomplete 04.03.17


Collected Recordings (Terminated)

I just don’t have the interest to keep this up enough to maintain documentation. I will set it aside and deal with it later. Maybe next Summer if I decide to go home I will do it.


Man or Machine (Terminated)

I still like this concept but I keep trying to do it without the necessary skills. I will set this aside. Will probably end up doing some version of it at some point, but I’ll wait to write a plan when I actually have the skills to do it.


Artist Statements

Not started until 04.03.17. I honestly forget the plan.


Origin of the Universe (Terminated)

I did not get the grant, which is discussed on my grant page. I can’t afford to do it without the grant. I will try again later. In the meantime, I can perfect the techniques needed.


Between (Examination)

This was my surprise project. I did not expect it to go so well. It sort of evolved from a combination of concept and tech. I was thinking of a concept at just the same time I was learning a new skill and it just merged into this thing that I feel like I can be very proud of. I also think I can build on it very well over the years.


The title eventually became “Examination” and should be expanded on during Summer Crit of 2017.


Analysis of Studio Critique I and II 2016-17


Biggest Suggestion: Purpose + More Standardized Crit Classes

We need a clear understanding of the purpose of the class. I understand it to be a “container” for our studio work. I understand that the purpose is twofold. 1. It exposes us to working artists so we can see how they do what they do. 2. It gives us a place to shape our own work. However, it seems like it kind of becomes a catch-all class to add whatever the professors want us to do at the time.


I really don’t think each teacher should be defining the class.  I think there should be some standardized expectations by Semester.


I think that it is really important for students to be able to plan. Many people are doing work that continues across multiple semesters. When we get a lot of extra “stuff” added to Crit class, we have to accommodate it at the expense of our own plans. If we had more standardized plans then we could plan more efficiently.


I am not talking about having a day by day schedule that is totally inflexible. I just think there need to be some minimum things that we can count on.


Suggestion: No Outside Presenters During Crit Class

Semesters are not that long. We only have so many days. Using Crit time for presenters (even good ones) takes away from our time to work on production issues. We have plenty of time for presentations. We have Art Talks. We even have days when we don’t have a regular visiting artist. We could use those days to have presenters during the allotted time. I just don’t like having them in Crit. For example, Allison Chase and Gene presented during Week 4. Then we had Thesis presentations. This forced me to wait yet another week to finally get to discuss my work. It wasn’t worth it. I think Gene is great I think Allison was amazing. I think that what they had to say was good. I just think they should have said it during the allotted Artist Talk time. We didn’t even have an Artist Talk that day so there is no reason we couldn’t have scheduled one for “Thesis” or “Gene Presents.


Issue: Too Much “Stuff”

This semester has too much stuff. The result is that we only have 4 class days scheduled for regular Crit sessions. We have two more sessions with a joined class. I am not including those for reasons I will state later.


Crit needs more focus. I don’t know how everyone else feels, but I am highly frustrated. It is a very long class. It takes a lot of energy. I want it to be useful. I don’t want to sit there wishing that whoever is presenting whatever thing they think is awesome would just get on with it so I can work.


Suggestion: My Perfect Class

If I were designing my “perfect” Crit class, it would look like this…

Semester 1 – Day 1 (Split) Intro/Work Plans, Day 2 (All) 2nd year Pecha Kuchas, Day 3 (All)First Year Pecha Kuchas. Days 4 & 5 (Split) Work Plans/Mandatory Grants


Semester 2 (Fully Split) –  Day 1, Timed Work Plans, Day 2 & 3 Write/Present real or practice GSG Grants, Middle of the Semester would be all flexible Crit sessions. No outside presenters unless the class wants them. Flexibility should help account for snow days. Day 11 or 12 Artist Statements/Exhibition Discussions.

Summer – Independent Study style

Obviously, I don’t think everyone would agree. That is just my thinking.


Suggestion: Work Plan Templates

I think we need some work plan templates. That would make the first semester a LOT easier. After the first year, we could just do it however we want to.


Issue: Split Classes

The class split was a GOOD idea. Completely aside from my personal feelings about working with Nate, there were simply too many people during the first semester. The benefit of having the second-year students as examples was far less than the frustration of having so many presenters. We need to keep the classes small so that we have as much time as possible to discuss our work.


Question: Three Teachers or One Teacher?

On the one hand, I loved having all three teachers first semester. It was a great sharing of views.  It was helpful. At the time, I thought it was awesome. In hindsight, I am not so sure it was a good idea. I realize now that I was a bit overwhelmed by all the information. Three teachers would probably be more beneficial after the first semester than it was during. I think I could integrate all the ideas more effectively now than I could when everything was new. I don’t know if others feel that way, but it might be worth thinking about.


I think it might have been better with just Owen. This isn’t because I didn’t like the others. But if I had to pick just one person for the first Crit class, Owen is the final say on policies so we could take his word as law when needed to. It’s a practical choice more than anything.


Suggestion: Semester 1 Should be a Split Class after the first 3 to 4 classes.

I think it might also have been better to have the first and second year students split. I think it would be useful if the second-year students were more actively used as examples. For instance, they could present Pecha Kuchas to the first years. Then the first years could present to them during the following class. The same process could be used for Work Plans. It would give first year’s examples but also give them time to work with a teacher alone without quite so much overwhelming input. I think it would be better for the second-year students too. They would have to get frustrated trying to get on with their work when they have to compete with first year students to get input.


Suggestion: Ease up on the Introductions

It takes too long. It is overwhelming to have to do it so many times. It was nice to get to know each other. The first day it was fine. It just got funny after a while. After that, it became a little too much.


Maybe when we have a visitor, it would be better if instead of introducing ourselves, we were introduced to the guest. Not only would it be faster, but psychologically speaking, I think it would make people feel good and help us to see how we are perceived by others.



Suggestion: Work Plans Due on Day 1

I think we should start every semester after the first one with a Work Plan discussion. Personally, I would like to just come straight to class prepared to present it. However, I am not sure everyone would agree. I think that at the very least, we should begin with an informal discussion about what we plan for the semester. I also think it should be carefully timed so that everyone gets to have some time on Day 1.


Issue: Timing. Is it Bad or Good?

I think we need a happy medium between timing ourselves and being free to adapt. Most of the time, I think that if someone is having a productive Crit session, it is best to just follow it to its natural conclusion. Adapting schedules to suit should not be a big deal. We are all here to help each other and that should be our first priority.


Sometimes we do need time. I think we need to notate on our schedule which days we need to time ourselves.  For instance, I do think that everyone should get time on the first day. It is probably also important to note when the schedule can’t be adapted so that we use timers then. It was personally very frustrating to me to have to wait until the 5th week to discuss my work plans.