04.25.17 Studio 2, Journal 13 – Plan/Prep/Present (Final Presentation Planning)


Ali came to class today. He observed and added input. Most of what he said was about Adam and Josh’s work. It was helpful.


We had another Round Robin detailing our projects. We talked about everyone’s work but mine. It was 6:00 and my turn when Susan called the end of class. I said it was my turn and she apologized and tried to go on but the other students were completely checked out. Steve was the only one who made any attempt to say anything. I pointed out that everyone was checked out. Josh responded by being an ass and saying that I had already talked and that I spent more time than anyone else, but that just is not true. I did not present any longer than anyone else did. I was extremely hurt and angry about the situation and I expected Susan to point out to the others that they needed to give the same participation I gave them, but she didn’t. I ended up not really discussing much. I tried but I just didn’t know what to say. I had all these questions and things to discuss but when everyone was so checked out, I just lost my focus. Steve tried very hard to help. He asked questions and trued to help me explore the ideas. It was nice of him. It did help some, but mostly I was just so upset that I don’t think I got much out of it.


Steve stayed with me a while after class. It made me feel better. I needed someone to tell me I was not crazy to be upset and I needed someone to take me seriously.


I try very hard to always be engaged with other students work. I don’t like everything and I don’t understand everything but I ask questions and I try to understand and I give comments and make suggestions and I do what I can. I am not always perfect. Sometimes I can’t think of anything worth adding, but I usually manage to throw in at least a little bit for everyone. That is what we are supposed to do. I just wish I felt like I got the same courtesy from others.