04.18.17 Studio 2, Journal 12 – Individual Studio Meetings

E-mail from Susan:


happy celebration of spring!

next meeting agenda:

Steve is doing his vexation piece Monday starting at 3. Please stop in IMRC and experience this- we will be hearing his thoughts and adding our own during our meeting. Destin will be sharing her work, which is near completion, and then we will move to each of you giving us an update as to your own status for the final crit piece.

I would like to receive the written artist statement for your final crit works, please, and we will go over those- we only got to the elevator speeches last meeting, though those were critical in your practice, and I would like to go over those round robin quickly again- for the final crit piece, not your entry in the expo.

As for the expo- Please have a file for the statement – name, title, medium, brief description ready so they can be made into labels for your “half table” install.

note: May 2 will be a work day- I will be facilitating the Methods & Materials- RollYer own in the APPE space that day. Please plan to come by and create a plate/print- these will be used for a piece in IMRC, and we want full representation. No experience necessary.

Til Tuesday,



We just did round-robin discussion. We did not do the written statements much. Some people read them and some didn’t. I didn’t because I did not do it. I just did not have time. Again, this needs to be assigned in the beginning so that we know to schedule it in.



I like it when Crit is handled this way. The most valuable thing I see in Crit is the time to sit and discuss what we are doing. Sometimes formal discussion is good, but I like the informal discussions better. Even though we get off-topic and time isn’t always equally distributed, I think the meandering, brainstorm kind of discussing is a great opportunity to build our ideas. This is what we need to be doing at least every other session so that we are prepared for things like Artist Statements and presentations.



I thought I might have my whole project done by today but I did not. The robot and the box are both having serious problems.


I had to just show the thing the way I showed it to Susan, kind of rigged together. I don’t think it was all that impressive that way.


I still don’t have a name. We discussed some ideas. I talked a little about the idea of it as cross-disciplinary. Steve asked some good questions and it helped to have to explain how it would work to link seemingly disparate ideas.



Brainstorming During/After Class

Cross disciplinary



Expansion of the project


What is it? I am developing a new way of looking at things

Cross disciplinary. Knowledge isn’t isolated in one “kind” not math people science people art people, inquiry skills exist across disciplines

Knowledge is interconnected

Title?: Interconnections of Inquiry

Constructing my own laboratory

Title?: Laboratory of Inquiry, The Inquiry Laboratory

Disciplines – science, math, physics, social studies, anthropology, Literature, Rhetoric, Ethics, History, Art, poetry, Epics, Storytelling, Religion, Law, Political Science, etc etc etc