04.11.17 Studio 2, Journal 11 – Visit to Colby Museum of Art  Individual Crit Sessions


E-mail from Susan:

Hello all,

The next crit class- 4/11 has been determined a work/one-on-one session. Amanda: you are on at 3:30, and Destin at 4pm. Adam- let me know your needs, and Josh- do you want a one-on one session?

The following class – 4/18, we will be presenting on the status of the final crit works, and determining their schedule, etc. Please have a similar elevator speech for those works, and a written statement.

Have a good rest of the week,




I need to frame my box but I doubt that I will. I also need acrylic and I need to cut a better central image.


I had a stomach virus and I had to replace my computer which screwed up my timeline by interrupting my work flow.


I missed the actual assigned Crit day but I met with Susan on Thursday (04.13.17).


She likes the project, which is nice. We talked a little about how to present it. She thinks it could be thesis work once the whole system is in place. I am not so sure I agree. I feel like I am still just scratching the surface of what I want to do.


She said I should hang it in the APE space. It will be dark in there, which isn’t really my plan. Even though the box is lit up, I am not sure I intend to display it in a dim environment. I feel like the lights work fine even when the room is bright. The total exhibit feels like it should be in a very clean, white room, but I am very undecided and open to change with that. With only one piece, the APE space will do for now.


The project is starting to take on new dimensions. I told Susan that I think this is no longer just about art/science but more about interdisciplinary work. I think I want to sort of create my own laboratory that uses cross-disciplinary methods to look at work I don’t really have the wording down.


The inability to talk about it goes back to the last class with the last-minute request for an Artist Statement. I don’t have one and I don’t feel ready to talk about the work but I should. I wish that this sort of information was in the syllabus and planned into the class. It aggravates me that we are given so little direction. We should know what is expected of us from any given class by the end of the very first class. Artist Statements should be expected of us. If I had understood it, then I would have been more focused on it. It is not that I can’t figure it out now, I just resent that I must. I really want some organization here. This is not really Susan’s fault. On the one hand, she should not be giving us last minute assignments. That is poor organization, but the overall issue is not hers. She is not the one who failed to outline what the Crit class is. She is just one teacher in a series of teachers handling Crit. At least she addresses artist statements even if it did not help me much. This problem is something that goes back to the planning of the program over all. There need to be set standards!