03.21.17 Studio 2, Journal 9 – Individual Critique

I met with Susan. I was scheduled last. She was late. I had to hang out a while. It was not a big deal. I needed a break anyway.


I am not sure how I feel about the individual meetings. On the one hand, it saves a lot of time and I am all for that but on the other hand, I feel like I have missed out on watching my cohort progress through the semester. I really feel like the class has not been focused on student work and growth. There are too many agendas in conflict.


The meeting with Susan was fine. She was nice. I appreciate that. I’ve been way too stressed in the class so some niceness helps. She says she likes the laser project. She made a couple of suggestions about display and future exhibition. That is her strength so I am glad to have the opinions.


I am not entirely sure she gets what I am going for here but I am not always sure I do. It grows and changes. I think she wants me to display science as art but I am thinking more of displaying art as science, at least with the display system. I am visualizing a scientist dissecting a work of art. I have this kind of mad-scientist aesthetic in my mind. I also think that as the work is dissected it becomes more important and meaningful because I think that understanding something makes it better not worse. I don’t like the whole mystical “art is instinct” kind of thinking. But, there is still an element of science as art because I have used scientific images for the current set of images. They won’t appear that way at first glance, but they are. I am trying to show how art can exist in many different disciplines.