03.07-14.17 Studio 2, Journal – Spring Break

Images are in Project Journal

03.03.17 Friday, Frames

Bought the rest of my stuff

Finished designing the frame system

Added microscopes.


bought the rest of my stuff and finished design, added microscope, researched science images


Looked up websites for free science images from researchers. I have neutrino events and Polio viruses and images from the rainforest and all kinds of cool stuff.


03.03.17 Friday, Frames

Revised the Frame Design in Illustrator.


I am struggling to make everything completely balanced. I want all the frames to be the same height but varied widths. I want them to hang on the wall very neatly, at slightly below eye level for the average person. The average person should not need to stand on their toes to adjust the glasses or scopes. If I want everything to be all the same height, I need to design all the frames at once so I can be sure I have room for everything.


Worked on test images in lab


03.04.17 Saturday

I put the stinky rubber in the bathtub.


I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out Potentiometers to control the RGB LEDs. I am still not sure of it.


03.05.17 Sunday

The rubber still stinks. I spent some time looking for alternatives with the same look but I couldn’t find any.


I can use potentiometers to control the strips. It is possible. However, I am not sure about controlling brightness and dimness and I also feel like the control is very imprecise. You don’t get much range of colors.


03.06.17 Monday

The LED strips look awesome but I had to send them back because the power supply is loose and won’t stay connected.


I worked out the neutrino event design on illustrator. It looks great.


03.07.17 Tuesday

Found a working plan to make the LED strips do what they should but I had to test it on a regular RGB LED since I had to send the strips back.


I have been doing a lot of electronics and coding research but I have not been documenting my sources very well. I just bookmark them. I will make a list some other time.


03.08.17 Wednesday

E-mail from Gene about the LED strips. He says I need a driver but I already have it figured out. I THINK.


03.09.17 Thursday

Ordered more stuff. Need to work on Robot more.


03.10.17 Friday

Robot malfunctioned so working on frames again. Did a new version of the RGB LED control? Researched laser. Read tech info from several laser manuals. I also found a GitHub diagram of “how to build a laser.” Understanding the design helps me understand what all it can do.


I did a test run of all the different PPI settings on the laser so I can figure out the best ways to make the cleanest lines.


03.11.17 Saturday

Hope and I went thrifting. I found some electronics and a microphone stand that I can use for this project. I also got a bunch of toys to take apart. Then we went to Lowes and bought wood for my frame.


03.12.17 Sunday

Worked out mounting system for digital microscope.


Worked in the lab and printed the neutrino event. Did a good job adjusting depth with color assignment in the Universal.


I bought bad wood for the frame. I ended up having to get more from school.


03.13.17 Monday

Worked on Polio Image. It is not done. My computer is fucked up and keeps causing grief. I had to stop and fix it again.


03.14.17 Tuesday

Cut parametric Kerf patterns and did the Logilase training. Wood bending is like origami. I think I will have a good eye for it. I am hoping to incorporate it into future projects.


03.15.17 Wednesday

Went to school and worked in the electronics lab to solder parts for the Robot project. While I worked, I let the laser run on some more test images. I did not get a lot done.  I was just so tired. I made some stupid mistakes. I cut the cord of a USB mount for the frames because I wasn’t paying attention. Then I destroyed an expansion board for the robot. I need to sleep.


03.16.17 Thursday

Slept late but then went to the lab until late again.


03.18.17 Saturday

Error on frames #1. I didn’t fix the joints for the change in angle. I need to learn Rhino so I can do this work in 3 d and then flatten it. Then I wouldn’t be able to make this kind of mistake.


03.19.17 Sunday

Tried to cut out the frame but I was off by 6mm! I am out of wood.