02.07.17 Studio 2, Journal 4 – Presentations on Last Semester and New Work & Thesis Presentations

We have 1 ½ hour to finish presenting last semester’s work and this semesters work.

Current, On-going & Completed Projects

Studio Critique, Final Project Review: Fall 2016

Studio Critique,  Work Plan: Spring 2017


I am going to attempt to refrain from sarcasm here… but I did not get to present. Allison Chase got here and she and Gene presented.  Then we had Thesis presentations. So, at 4 weeks in, I still have not been able to discuss my projects. I will have to take up my work time to do it. That rather defeats the purpose of having class time to do it.


That said, Allison seems wonderful. My very first impression is overwhelmingly positive. She seems very nice and interesting. I am excited for my studio visit Thursday.


Allison is creating a tent in the APE Space. It will be an immersive dance environment. I cant wait to see that. On the other hand… don’t push me to dance!


She says she is an open-source collaborator. She only works through collaboration. She likes to let ideas form from groups. She was very inviting and welcoming. I like that.




Palabalas dance theater, collaborative dance, taught at Dartmouth College when it was an all male institution


Collaboration allows access to new terrains


Lovely projection mapping on the dancers, images of nude women


Then we introduced ourselves again…

Then she talked. She was great.


Then it was Genes turn.


Gene talked about Black Mountain College

7th Annual {Re}Happening rehappening.com


History of Black Mountain College in the 40s and 50s, racial, ethnic, sexual diversity etc etc

Cage, Rauchenberg etc

The school is now a Christian boys school


Lots of different modern and conceptual art

Ashville North Carolina



March 25th Weekend


I don’t know if I will go, but I do know that I resent the class time that was taken away to discuss this. This should have been done during artist talk time. I feel like it got thrown in because it fit the professors schedule without concern for how it might affect students. I feel personally disrespected by having my time to present taken away. The snow days could not be helped, but this could.