01.31.17 Studio 2, Journal 3 – Presentations on Last Semester and New Work

Links to Present

Current, On-going & Completed Projects

Studio Critique, Final Project Review: Fall 2016

Studio Critique,  Work Plan: Spring 2017


Today I also researched fiber optics in art. These are some of the artists I read about.

Bruce Monroe

Bruce creates light installations that depict exotic landscapes.


City Scapes

This is a company that puts fiber optics into paintings. I E-mailed them to ask about some of their methods. They responded but they did not give much information. It wasn’t all that helpful.


Lyn Godley (Home Page & Metropolis Magazine Article)

I found a Kickstarter campaign for one of Lyn’s installations. Then I followed up and found her home page. She incorporates fiber optics into traditional visual art. She is doing large scale installations and donating them to hospitals to study the healing effect of the light. I E-mailed her to ask about her work. Hopefully she will respond.


Class Notes

Talked about Thesis Presentations next week at around 5.

Read and discussed quote: “If art could be absolutely verified as to importance in, say, the way gold can be judged for purity and weight, then it would of course be finished as mythic activity. Free of doubt, controversy and the inexplicable fluctuation of reputation, art-making would bear the same relationship to creativity as cake mix does to baking.”


We started class late. This was mostly my fault. I thought class started at 4 because the first week we started late. I didn’t realize it was a one-time thing. I was just sitting in the library working away when Susan came and got me.

We talked about the schedule for next week. We will be watching the thesis presentations.

Then we moved on to review everyone’s work.

We went over Josh’s work first. This was good since we had not seen any of it before. We talked about his plans to procure a turtle to shoot a video about pollution. It’s a cool idea. I told him he should look at the spider project I saw when studying for Independent Study.

Then we went over Steve’s work. This was familiar so it was just review. He is going to do a new project playing that long Satie piece on clarinets. He is also creating a composition of one of Samuel Beket’s texts, but I have now forgotten which one. That seems right up Steve’s alley. Beket suits his interests.

Amanda went last. We reviewed her previous work. Some of it I missed seeing when I was sick last semester so it was good to see it again. She plans to continue a lot of it into this semester so we focused on that more than the really new stuff. I think she has refined the work a lot. She is going through the same thing I am trying to develop a direction. She seems to be succeeded.

I feel bad because I started to get a bit tense about time when Amanda was at the end of hers. I apologized to her. I really don’t know why I was tense. I know we have another class to do this and I know that Adam still has to go anyway so waiting another week is no big deal. It was silly.

I only had about 20 minutes to present. I ran through my old projects as fast as I could. I think I did enough in the regard. Next week I am supposed to talk about what I plan to do.