Art Library, New Cataloging Software, Implementation

01.10.16 Transferring from Booxter

Booxter makes bad export. It is supposed to be a list of text with “Comma separated values” but it inserts tons of extra commas and spaces. It also won’t let you transfer Author or Genre because the categories are different in Readerware.

I wanted to salvage as much info from Booxter as possible.

I ended up using Booxter to make separate lists of the books by genre. I exported them with title and ISBN. Then I imported each list into Readerware and did a batch edit to change all the genres (Category 1) at once. This allowed me to keep all the genre records.

Sadly, they are obviously very very wrong. There are over 700 books with no genre listed. There is only 1 book in “50s Culture.” Even a quick glance showed me too many books in some other categories. There is no way it is accurate. Once Owen finishes checking all the books on the shelves, I will need to be very careful to make sure they stay in the right category until I get everything rechecked.

I wish I could say it was going to be fast, but I doubt it. Readerware is good, but it makes mistakes on the authors. It will take a lot of editing to get it right.


01.12.16 Worked all day

I came in and the stupid computer had stopped downloading the auto-update on the books so I had to wait a long time for it to finish. Then I went through and deleted duplicates. I reentered 3 shelves of books. I also spent some more time messing around with the program to figure out faster and better ways to do things. I wish it has the “list” function that Booxter had. That is pretty much the only thing I liked better about Booxter. It wont matter much once I get it all up-to-date but right now ist a bit annoying since I tend to work on sections of books at a time. I can make it a little easier by saving a screen view of specific categories. I also added a category 2 that says “verified.” Every time I physically inspect a book and check it to the catalog, I will enter “verified” into category 2. That way when I have finished everything in the library, we will know that any unverified book is probably missing.


01.13.17 Worked 3 Hours

Did 2 more shelves of books. Updated covers. Tried to fix database errors.