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Creating a Studio Space, Project Plan

Last semester I explored the idea of the “work” behind art. I think that this mini-project will expand on that idea by looking at how artists influence and are influenced by their work spaces.

Initially, this was simply going to be a documentation of my apartment’s transformation into a working studio space. I thought documenting it might be interesting, mostly because I like to document everything. Then I started doing it and the process of examining my own thinking expanded my ideas.

I wrote an idea in my Idea Log that said I wanted to document “Art Attacks.” It was an amusing response to my own tendency to want to paint on surfaces I shouldn’t as well as the perception that things like used paint pallets are both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally evocative. Documenting my studio space adds to that observation.

This made me think about how other artists interact with their space. I think I would like to do a teeny tiny little mini project and document the other IMRC artist’s studios as well. I know that artist’s spaces have been explored many times before. I doubt I have a lot to add to previous work, but I am interested in doing it for my own edification.



This project explores the way environment in general, and studio space specifically influences artist’s creative process.



I decided to create a better studio space last semester. I spent a long time thinking about what I wanted to do. The first thing I had to decide was “where” to work. Then I had to figure out what I needed to work with. I have designed my own studio before so I have a pretty decent idea of what goes into it. I make lists. I draw. Then I make more lists. Then I implement and revise. The whole process is tedious but it is good because I end up with a workable space that fits my specific needs.

My apartment is both boring and lacking in work space/shortage.


The new work space is much more functional. I have room for project storage, supplies and tools. I have a functional work desk. It is cheerful and colorful so that I am not bored. I have good lighting. I switched to natural light bulbs. The carpet and furniture are protected. Reasonable cleaning is possible. I will be able to work easily in the apartment. I can go to the IMRC when I need to do large projects with specialized tools. I will also use my cabinet in the IMRC as storage.


Pictures of the Process & Results