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12.22.16 Talked to Sean about Faro Arm Training

I talked to Sean about Faro Arm training. He said he would try. He also told me it was hard. I hate that. I know it is hard. Everything is hard. That’s the way it is. We just have to learn.


01.03.17 Sean E mailed About Training

Sean sent the Email asking when I can do Faro Arm Training.


01.05.17 Wrote Plan

I started the project last semester but didn’t get much done due to illness. I am treating this like a new project. I wrote the project plan and started the journal pages.


01.10.17 Talked to Gene

I talked to Gene. He said training on the Faro Arm was unlikely over the holidays. He also said Sean will be doing additional trainings on Tuesdays. I wish I could say that helped, but I don’t know if it will. Tuesdays are a class day. Last Tuesday we were in class basically all day. It’s so mentally exhausting, I don’t think I could learn something new and complex on that day. It might be different this semester, but I am not sure yet. We have a few hours to train on Friday, but that’s also a tough time. It’s the end of the day on Friday. Obviously, we do what we have to do. It’s just frustrating to have so few options.


01.11.17 Issues

The scheduled times are not very convenient and there are not enough of them. Once a week is just not enough. We need to be able to practice.


01.18.17 Faro Arm Training

And that got canceled…


01.24.17 Faro Arm & Snow Day

Faro Arm training with Sean. Then went home because of snow. School closed.

The Faro Arm training went ok. There is no way I am going to remember everything they told me, but I get the general idea. It isn’t all that hard. The problem comes afterwards when you have to manipulate the scan with the 3-d program.

The origami was problematic. It can’t scan the deep hollows very well. This is a problem. Maybe if I do a different model and scan it. The crane has the deep holes in the neck and tail. Maybe a dinosaur ould actually be better. I will think about it.


04.03.17 Terminated

I keep trying to do this but finding I don’t have time to acquire the needed skills. I am going to just consider it done and move on. I will probably revive it someday but change it into something better.