Studio Work Plan, Semester 2 Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 semester is the second semester in the IMFA Intermedia program. This semester should development my creative plan. The focus of the work will be narrowed to more specifically represent the goals of my practice by developing work that encourages thoughtfulness and intellectual inquiry. Attempts will be made to identify and clarify conceptual links between works.

The primary project for the semester will be in experimental robotics. Ongoing projects from the previous semester will be continued. New projects will be implemented to explore additional concepts and develop new skills and practices.


Some Semester Goals

I want to do a better job of note-taking during class. Last semester there were a lot of things I didn’t write down that I wished I had. I don’t know how realistic my goal is. It’s one thing to take notes in a lecture. It is another thing to take notes in an interactive seminar. Its hard to pay attention and be engaged and write things down.

I am also planning to switch from my daily calendar to individual project journals. Last semester I found that more often than not, I needed to consult my calendar for information on specific projects not on my total activities. It was a lot of trouble going through my big calendar to figure out what I did in each day. Plus, I mostly wrote things like “Worked on Project,” which was less than helpful. If I never got behind on anything, it would be fine but that is unrealistic. Final score, Daily Calendar = great for work or personal life but bad for project documentation.


Project Time-line


Ongoing Projects

Weeks 1-4

Weeks 5-8

Weeks 9-12

Final Products



Idea & Thought Log

­Add to Thought Log

Revised Format


Revised Log



Pecha Kucha Revision


1 Image

1 Image

2 New Images



Random Dinosaurs


Pink Dinosaur

Winged Dinosaur

3 Dinosaurs




Recording Thankyous

Time Cover


3 Sets w/Send To



New Projects







Time Magazine

Space Shuttle

Web Link


Space Shuttle/Link



Collected Recordings

Family Recordings

Expanded Recordings


Apx 20 Recordings



Studio Construction






Man or Machine?

Scan Origami

Print Origami

Build Origami Display

Comparative Display

Artist Statements



Collected Statements



Phase 1-2

Phase 2-4

Phase 4-6

Completed Display




Framing System

1-2 Frames and Images

*Individual project journals will be maintained. These journals will contain work logs per project.


Continuing Project List

Idea & Thought Log

I will continue to maintain the idea and thought logs. I will revise and categorize my ideas as the number grows.


Pecha Kucha Revision

This is a low priority project. I will attempt to rotate at least two images this semester but probably will not take further steps.


Random Dinosaurs

I will finish the purple “Pimpasaurus” for Adam. Then I will complete the pink growling tyrannosaurus and the butterfly hybrid. I will attempt to add at least one more dinosaur as well. I will continue to photograph the dinosaurs in interesting locations. This will provide a good opportunity to improve my photography skills.



I liked making the postcards of the dinosaurs last semester. I have decided to use postcards to create records of my work. This is a good opportunity to both document my work and improve my photography and graphic design skills.


New Project List

Studio Construction

I need a better studio space. I have agonized over how to do this. I will make a project out of it and document it through the semester. I think that treating it that way will be interesting. I have some vague ideas left over from my “Work” of Art project. I am not quite sure what I am going to do with them yet, but I think that documenting the studio organization could be useful.


Collected Recordings (Terminated)

This is an on-going project. I do not intend to present it this semester. I will work to collect and catalog the recordings for the duration of the semester.


Time Magazine

I will finish the Space Shuttle image and create the matching web page. If I am pleased with the work I will expand and complete additional pieces. If not, it will be a stand-alone piece.


Man or Machine? (Terminated)

This project was attempted last semester but illness caused it to be abandoned. I will be learning to scan and print images with the 3-d printer. I will create a display comparing 3-d printed origami to hand-folded origami.


Artist Statements

I am never sure how to do this. I would like to create multiple drafts of these over the course of the semester. If I can get feedback, I can revise them until I have a satisfactory set. I will focus on current projects. Then if there is time I will go back and revise the statements from older work.


Origin of the Universe, Art Book (Terminated)

The “Work” of Art project presented the idea of creating an “Art Book.” The incorporates both Joline’s advice that the work should have “more” and be more provocative and Owen’s advice regarding discrete sections of organization. However, I do not feel inclined to pursue the topic of that project any further. I would like to use that same advice to work on a more interesting concept.

I would like to create a visual representation of the origins of the universe. This is not meant to be a “book” in any traditional sense. It might be classified that way only because it is a container of related items which work together to create a common message.

I have brainstormed and mapped it out many times but I am not yet satisfied. So far I have determined the following order:

Phase 1: Planets (because I need to know their size to match the rest)

Phase 2: Wiring the Resin Painting for Light

Phase 3: Resin Painting

Phase 4: Jigsaw Puzzle

Phase 5: Flame (Harvest Hydrogen)

Phase 6: make the box



Between is a set of ideas surrounding concepts that came out of a discussion in the History and Theory class. I am simply thinking about things that we perceive indirectly, through the responses of its environment and things that exist in a space between one thing and another. The project begins with some illustrations and laser cutting. I am not sure if it will go anywhere or get rolled up into another project, but I have put enough thought and work into it to give it a listing here.