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Collected Voice Recordings, Project Journal

This project is still somewhat unformed. I anticipate that it will take me a long time to gather the voices and produce a finished work. I intend to work on it as time is available. It isn’t necessarily going to be finished within a semester.


11.27.16 Mom and Connie

Recordings from Mom and Connie


12.05.16 Recording from Jose

Recording and translation from Jose in Venezuela.


12.13.16 Recording from Ashley

Recording from Ashley in Tennessee


12.14.16 E mail

Email to remind family.


12.24.16 Planned

Wrote plan and added to WordPress


12.26.16 Family Discussion

Skyped with family and explained how to record


01.03.16 More Instructions

Not everyone is tech savvy.


01.03.17 More Instructions

Not everyone is tech savvy. Aunt Paige needed help.


01.11.17 Tammy

I got a recording of my Aunt Tammy. She is so cute. E Mail Family Again.


02.01.17 Kelley

Kelley called today and promised to send me recordings.


04.03.17 Terminated

I declare this project on Hiatus. I may do it someday, but I clearly need to be present to get it to happen. Also, my interests have gone elsewhere,