Library Status Update


12.23.16 Holiday Book Cataloging

 I got all the books off the floor and on the shelves. I labeled the ones that are new or need to be changed. Unfortunately, I had already entered the new Artists Monograph, Conceptual Art and Exhibition Catalogs when the program did what it did. Some of them were also shelved and therefore are mixed in, but I labeled the rest to be reentered.

I also left notes on the shelves that you need to check. If I am not there when you check them, just pull the books that are wrong and stack them on the floor with notes like we did before. If get there before you (which I suspect I will), I will bring the table back so we don’t have to leave things on the floor.

I thought it was a good idea to go on and get as much off the floor as possible. There are still basement books. It would be nice if I could get those moved downstairs. Even if I don’t have them sorted, just getting them out of the way would make it look nicer in there. I really want to make it look nice!



Can I hang the pictures on the wall? There might be hardware. I am not sure. I assume we have an appropriate drill and bit in the Fab Lab somewhere.

What is going on in the cabinets? I thought they were specialty books and art multiples but there seems to be an assortment of oddities in there. I saw that there are quite a few books. I couldn’t tell what is special about some of them so I just left them alone. I think that may be a task for you.

Can we please just switch catalogs?


Space Problems

I have determined that we need 5 or possibly 6 more shelves. These are the problem sections:

Environmental Sculpture

After I spaced out the Artist Monographs, Conceptual Art and Exhibition catalogs, it left exactly enough space for the E/S. It works for now and might work a little longer. I could combine some of the preceding sections to free up a bit more room. In the long run, it would be better if we could just move them.


Futurism is the worst. It is squished between Dada and whatever is before it (I forgot). Dada is also completely full. It really needs some expansion room.

50’s Culture

50’s Culture is packed to but so is the section above it on Fluxus and Happenings. There is simply nowhere to go with either section. They need another shelf. IF we move the magazines off the bottom that would free up space for those sections.


I calculated the space needs without adding any of the unshelved magazines. I don’t like the idea of putting magazines in the basement. I think books that go to the basement are kind of doomed to be unread unless someone is specifically looking for them. The magazines are nice to have on hand because they are the kind of thing people will just flip through. I wish we had a better way of displaying them so they can be seen better. So far, I have not come up with any ideas.

Note: If you want specific sections together, there is some flexibility about where to move things. The total needed shelves will stay mostly unchanged.


My Suggestions for Space Expansion

I am making my suggestions without thinking too much about budget because I have no idea what the budget is.

I think we should put two low shelves under the window and two long, low shelves under the television. That would give us apx. 8 more shelves. We could keep all the magazines and expand the sections that need expanding.

The DVD racks are nice but we could do something else to organize DVDs. I have three thoughts on where we could put the DVDs. 1. We could move the DVDs to another room. I think that is not the best idea because “out of sight, out of mind.” 2. We could also consider putting them on the wall space directly behind the computer but beside the CD space. That could become a sort of corner shelf arrangement. There would probably be enough room for DVD and CDs there. It would be difficult to access because of the desk, but it could be managed. 3. We could make one of those cube/tables that is a DVD organizer. If we make it to match the two black chairs, it would look very nice. We can put it on casters so that it can be moved easily. It would hold a fairly large number of DVDs. If we make the top lift up like a lid, we could use the additional small space inside the cube to store the electronic odds and ends that pop up. I like this plan because I have been thinking we needed a table between those two chairs anyway. Making it a DVD holder would kill two birds with one stone. I thought I could find a picture of what I mean, but I can’t. If you are interested, I will draw it for you.


Things We Need

Post-it Notes for Destin

Label Maker

Razor Blades and Alcohol to Remove Old Labels

Book Tape

Book Binding Repair Glue

Book Ends (10-20)

Those U-Shaped Support things are missing from some shelves. We could stand to replace a couple of them.

A Step Stool designed for safely accessing the tall stuff.

Hanging Hardware to Hang those pictures. We might have some in there. I am not sure.

To Do

Make Signs with Instructions for the use of the Catalog, Music System and Apple TV

Check All Books to the Catalog

Check all Basement Books and Textile Lab Books to the Catalog

Hunt Down the Adventurous Books that may be in cabinets or Owen’s Office and Catalog them

Print Inventory by Genre/Location.

Alphabetize shelves and identify any books that are listed but do not exist.

Investigate Missing Books