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12.19.16 The Idea

Mom bought me a box of 8 x 10 canvas from the surplus store. I was thinking about what to do with them and I decided I wanted to use them as a gift for me. I hardly ever make anything just for me. I think the blue jeans I painted are the only thing I did with the intention of keeping it. I thought it would be nice to paint images of the things in the world that I find inspiring. Also, I am poor and I can’t afford to buy other people’s art right now. I need stuff to look at.

I started web searching images of the space shuttle. I just painted a small space shuttle and I remembered how aesthetically pleasing I found the image. I thought I would paint a bigger one. I came across a time magazine cover from April 27, 1981. It struck a sharp cord. I remember standing in Win Dixie and looking at that exact same magazine. I was only 5 years old. I knew what the cover said. I didn’t know the word “era” but I had an idea that it was good. The blue looked so friendly and happy. I loved airplanes and spaceships. My Uncle Sammy had them everywhere and I liked to think about them. I wanted to look in the magazine but I could just barely reach it to pick it up because it was over the conveyer belt with the other grown up magazines. My brother was standing up in the cart. My Mom was busy managing him and no one was there to hand it to me. We left and I wouldn’t have thought anything else of it and likely would not even remember it, except that my Grandparents had the magazine at their house the next time I was there. I remember looking inside it. It was hard to read. I only managed to read bits of it, but I loved the pictures. I had a toy space shuttle with all the parts so that you could make it launch and the rockets could fall off. Maybe the whole memory is manufactured, but it doesn’t matter. If it was manufactured, it is because there were so many similar memories to manufacture it from. It was an image that meant something to me. It still does.

So… I decided it would be cool to paint it. Also, it would be a challenge to get the graphics as sharp as the original.

I was measuring everything out when I came to the bar code. I was just about to start drawing it in when I remembered Amanda’s project with the QR code. I thought… hummm…

Then, as it often happens, my idea progressed. I couldn’t just paint the magazine and be happy about it. I had to complicate things. I thought, it would be interesting to use the QR code in place of the bar code so it could link to a text. I could write an essay about how much society has benefited from the space program and what morons we are to let it get smaller and smaller. This is a subject near and dear to my heart about which I could enthusiastically write.

Thought: I’ll bet Jolene would tell me to write a narrative instead of an essay because of the emotional resonance. She might be right

Another Thought: If I had more skill, I could make some kind of image based essay. I will have to think about that. It would be a good idea to make it that way.

I found a QR Code generator. I made a QR code. I linked it to a page in my blog. Fortunately, it can be edited and the address can be changed if needed because once I paint this thing it is not getting moved!

Painting a QR code that is only ¾ of an inch square will be a challenge. There are 25 lines by 25 lines. It will be like pointillism. I can do it.

QR Code Generator






Links to:


12.20.16 Long Painting Day

Had to stay home all day waiting on the car so I painted a good bit. However, I didn’t get a lot done because it was very tedious trying to paint font so that it looks like the magazine. So far the painting looks somewhat more vintage than it should. I think it is the pencil stain combined with imperfections in the text. I should be able to fix that.


12.21.16 Painted Some more

More painting…. I am so slow.


12.26.16 Painted

I needed a break from robots so I painted for about 5 hours on and off.


12.27.16 Thinking

The notes by project are pretty good as long as I don’t forget to open the page when I work. On the one hand, its bad I can’t see all my time at once. On the other hand, I found I needed to know more about specific projects so this is probably better. I cannot do both.


01.08.17 Company, Worked on Space Shuttle

I worked on the space shuttle painting a bit on and off without recording it but Sunday was the first time I spent a long time on it. Getting the text perfect is both tedious and satisfying.

I really should work on the research part soon. Also, I keep getting notices about my QR code account. I need to verify it works before I take the time to paint it.


01.14.16 Space Shuttle

I am spending a kind of crazy amount of time on what will ultimately be a simple looking painting. I have painted and repainted the word. I am working little bits at a time so I can get perfectly straight lines. That means that I am working on it 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there. I am not going to record all that. Today I spent about an hour on it and will continue in that pattern until I am satisfied with the text. Then I will add the highlights.


01.21.17 Space Shuttle Words

Still goin’…. But they look much better. I am distracted by other projects so I am setting it aside for a while.


02.20.17 Wow a Whole Month

I have not touched this in a month! I have been so busy with other things it just fell to the side. I really feel like painting for a while. Hopefully I can get to it this week. I would like to get it done soon.


04.03.17 Update

I have not finished it yet! I have been so busy. But I will. Also, I wonder if I could laser cut QR codes?