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11.20.16 Formulating the Idea

George Takei Posts about “Zooids”

The Zooids Project

Actual Zooids

Swarm Robotics


12.19.16 Christmas Planning Time Begins

More on the Zooids Swarmbots

Arduino Preliminary Research

Programing Langauges

C Programing


12.20.16 More C

C Programming Language by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie


12.21.16  Zooids and C

More About the Zooid Project and Associated Personnel

C Tutorials


11.22.16 How to Make Robots & Artificial Life

How to Make Robots

Artificial Life



12.23.16 Other Robot Projects, Alternative Swarms, Communication

Jasmin Robot Platform

Autonomous Robots Self-Assemble and Take Flight as One

Drawing Robot Plan

Controlling Wild Mobile Robots Using Virtual Gates and Discrete Transitions

Communication Between Robot and Base Station

Robot Grrl


12.24.16 What do I want?


Robot Requirements

Environment Requirements


12.24.16 More Swarms, Drawing, Artificial Life & Communications

Bristle Bot Swarm

Build an Arduino Drawbot

Evolutionary Robotics

Artificial Life

IR Communication Between Robots

The Braitenberg Vehicles


12.25.16 Project Plan

Written and Posted on WordPress (original plan replaced later)


12.26.16 No Work on Robots


12.27.16 Part Ordering Day!

Work Stations

Ringo Bot


12.30.16 Code Compilers, Ringobot Lessons & Code Compilers

Ringobot Lessons

Code Compilers


12.31.16 Uncanny Valley

Discussion with Wade

Uncanny Valley Research


01.01.17 Ordering Stuff, Part 2

Arduino Kits

Individual Arduino Parts

Supplementary Tools


01.05.17 Played with the Ringo

Practice Ringo Coding


01.06-07.17 Went to Virginia’s, No Work

Discussed an Independent Study Class


01.08.17 Worked on Space Shuttle

Time Magazine Project


01.09.17 Practice Coding

Arduino, Getting Started with Arduino: The Ultimate Beginners Guide” by Steve Gold.


 01.10.17 New Project Proposal

Discuss Independent Study

New Project Proposal (Posted)


01.11.17 Practice with Arduino Starter Kits

Elegoo Lesson Book

New Arduino Research Page


01.12.17 Practice, Consultation & New Books

Worked with Electronics Set

Consulted with Sean

New Books: Aurduino Robotics, Understanding Basic Electronics & Physical Computing


01.13.17 Practice, Confusion & Progress

Elegoo Lesson Book

Getting Stuck

Figuring it Out

Book Research


01.15.17 Reorganizing & Practice


More Arduino Practice