Intermedia Studio Critique 2

IMD 570 Intermedia Studio II

Spring 2017, Tuesdays 3:30 – 8:00pm

Room 122 IMRC

Prof. Susan Smith

A course dedicated to Intermedia studio work.


Semester 1, 2016

Studio Work Plan: Semester 2, 2017

Tuesdays at the IMRC: Artist Talks, Links About the Artists

01.17.17 Studio 2, Journal 1 – Introduction

01.24.17 Studio 2, Journal 2Nate Presents, Thesis Presentations – Snow Day

01.31.17 Studio 2, Journal 3 – Presentations on Last Semester and New Work

02.07.17 Studio 2, Journal 4 – Gene Presents, Allison Chase & Thesis Presentations

02.14.17 Studio 2, Journal 5 Presentations Continue, Proposals for Work – Snow Day

02.21.17 Studio 2, Journal 6 – Meeting with All Crit. Students

02.28.17 Studio 2, Journal 7Critique Continues, Spring Grant Work (More Group Crit, I did not attend)

03.07-14.17 Spring Break

03.21.17 Studio 2, Journal 8 – Individual Critique Sessions

03.28.17 Studio 2, Journal 9 – Group Critique with All Students + Susan, Nate and Gene

04.04.17 Studio 2, Journal 10 – Prep for Grad Expo

04.11.17 Studio 2, Journal 11Visit to Colby Museum of Art Individual Crit Sessions

04.18.17 Studio 2, Journal 12Individual Studio Meetings Round Robin Discussion

04.25.17 Studio 2, Journal 13 – Plan/Prep/Present (Final Presentation Planning)

05.02.17 Studio 2, Journal 14Class Visits to Individual Studios, including Susan’s RollYerOn Print Project

05.09.17 Studio Ajar (Final Presentation Night) – 12 Noon until Finished, with Food etc.

Final Project Review

Continuing Projects

Idea Log & Thought Log


Random Dinosaurs

Introductory Pecha Kucha


New Projects

Time Magazine Cover, Overview

Time Magazine Cover, Project Plan

Time Magazine Cover, Project Journal

Time Magazine Cover, A New Era


Collected Voice Recordings, Overview

Collected Voice Recordings, Project Plan

Collected Voice Recordings, Project Journal

Collected Voice Recordings, Recording Archive


Studio Space, Overview

Studio Space, Project Plan

Studio Space, Project Journal


Man or Machine, Overview

Man or Machine, Project Plan

Man or Machine, Project Journal


Artist Statements

Artist Statements, Project Plan

Artist Statements, Project Journal


Origin, Overview

Origin, Brainstorm

Origin, Project Plan

Origin, Project Journal


Between, Overview

Between, Project Plan

Between, Project Journal