Creative Plan, Weekly Sections

These are very rough brainstormed ideas, not any kind of polished thinking or writing. It is just what I thought about applying these sections to myself. I think we were supposed to write more serious documents each week, but I misunderstood. I treated it more like a second creative response. It was a place to think and record, not to polish and refine. I ended up writing one that was somewhat polished and that would be the one that I lost. My final draft will be polished and refined.


Scoping an Audience

10.04.16 Concept Development Journal 6

Reading: Scoping an Audience

My audience is “one for some.” I would like to communicate with the audience through layers of meaning that begin with the explicit, move to the implicit and hover over the obscured. I will relate to my audience through humor. I considered the desire to challenge my audience but came to conclude that doing so would negate the effectiveness of my thoughts.


Sourcing Inspiration

10.25.16 Concept Development Journal 8

Reading: Sourcing Inspiration

I don’t care much about spirituality and I resent the constant need to link it to art. The world has so many inspiring things in it, I don’t know why anyone needs make believe nonsense to give them something to feel wonder about. Well, I guess I do know. I know people are scared and lonely. I just think it is sort of cowardly. What is the point in doing something magnificent if you are then going to turn around and suck the meaning out of it by giving it over to some outside force? So, no to the spirituality and the soul and all that.

While my personal psychology is of great interest to me, I have three issues with using too much of it as inspiration for my art. The first, is that I want a grander message than just my own. The second is that I do not wish to be defined by my own tragedies. Why would I want to share art about how I have suffered. Yes. I do it every now and again, but that is for me. That isn’t for anyone else. Even making it is kind of “iffy.” It just gives me an excuse to dwell on things that are best left alone. The third  issue is that I know who I am. I know my issues. I know what made me who I am. I understand myself quite well. I don’t need art that way.

The source of my inspiration is external. I am inspired by science, technology and learning. I really want people to think. THINK THINK THINK. The world is full of amazing things. I want to look at what is good in it. Robots will not destroy the world. Man will become better. It has to.

I never realized how much I cared about these things. It is a revelation. It is a revelation a lot more interesting than some emotional insight about my fatherless life.


Crafting Artistic Self

10.18.16 Concept Development Journal 7

Reading: Crafting an Artistic Self

Who am I? I don’t think it matters all that much. I don’t really want to be in the art. I acknowledge that I am. Of course, I am. I just don’t think the details are going to be important to the viewer.

And yet….

I think that the art is a reflection of me. If I love a dinosaur, I love it because of who I was. I grew up with books and imagination and the knowledge that knowing things mattered. If my work is detailed, it is because I was isolated and I coped by creating worlds. If I am doing work that reveals more than it bonds, then that is because it was through teaching that I learned to bond with strangers.  All of these things are part of me and the fuel the work but it is all just half formed images to the viewer. They will never see all the details and they don’t need to.


Expressing Artistic Attitude

10.18.16 Concept Development Journal 7

Reading: Expressing Artistic Attitude

My attitude towards art…

I feel incredibly excited and hopeful about the direction humanity is moving. I am frustrated by th Eeyore-like doom and gloom preaching present in today’s society. I feel the need to poke some metaphorical holes in swollen, painful blisters of negativity. I know it can be irreverent.

Irreverent, satirical, fun, exciting, thought provoking, playful, layered


Choosing a Mission

11.01.16 Concept Development Journal 9

Reading: Choosing a Mission


“Space… The final frontier…

 These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.

 Its continuing mission:

 To explore strange new worlds…

 To seek out new life; new civilizations…

 To boldly go where no one has gone before!”

I don’t love Star Trek for the great acting and clever costume design. I love it because it reflects a worldview that I want to embrace. It isn’t about robots destroying the world or man blowing himself up with a super bomb or unleashing some deadly mutagenic plague. It is a about mankind’s mission to reach a higher state. It acknowledges what I believe to be true, humanity is steadily evolving and becoming better, smarter, more empathetic and more honorable.

It seems like every time I look up, someone, somewhere on some media is proselytizing doom and gloom for the modern world. I don’t think that is fair. Humanity is progressing at an exponential rate. Information is growing so fast that we cannot even curate everything that we know. Information, once organized, becomes knowledge which is then manipulated. We have become creators. We are building new technology as well as new social orders. It is dangerous. Things could go wrong. Things do go wrong (See: US presidential election). Sometimes what we can do and what we should do, do not quite sync up. We are imperfect, and yet, we are closer to perfection than we have ever been. I want to make art that reminds people of how good things are. The world doesn’t have to be a scary place. It can be wonderful. If I can produce something that shows that, then I feel like I will have accomplished my own goals.


Measuring Success

11.01.16 Concept Development Journal 9

Reading: Measuring Success

 What is success? Success is when you fulfill your mission. I will feel successful if people are engaged with open minds. I will feel successful if they are just engaged,. Maybe they will open their minds later. Maybe they will laugh a little at something they thought was too serious to laugh and maybe that will allow them to think about it in a safe space.