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Assignment Instructions

Over the course of the semester and through weeks 6-10, the aim of this class is to help students situate their creative practices as a flexible responsive system rather than particular media form. What this element of the course requirements is, is a final compilation of all six of the categories from Weintraub compiled into a single document, or “Creative Plan.” Although, some work time will take place in weeks 6-10, most of the work for the final assignment will be developed by the student outside of class time after the course coverage. Each student will present a short version (10 minutes) of their plan to the class on the last day of class.


Notes: In class discussion suggests a document of approximately 4000 words.

*confirmed by E-mail to Owen: Presentations 10-15 minutes with time for Q & A


Due Dates

12.06.16 Creative Plan, Presentation

12.16.16 Creative Plan, Final Draft Due


In the Making Reading and Class Journal Links

Scoping an Audience

10.04.16 Concept Development Journal 6

Reading: Scoping an Audience


Sourcing Inspiration

10.25.16 Concept Development Journal 8

Reading: Sourcing Inspiration


Crafting Artistic Self

10.18.16 Concept Development Journal 7

Reading: Crafting an Artistic Self


Expressing Artistic Attitude

10.18.16 Concept Development Journal 7

Reading: Expressing Artistic Attitude


Choosing a Mission

11.01.16 Concept Development Journal 9

Reading: Choosing a Mission


Measuring Success

11.01.16 Concept Development Journal 9

Reading: Measuring Success