10.14.16 Ali Asgar’s Performative Presentation

Ali Asgar Art

A Description of the event.


My friend, Ali Asgar is an Artist in Residence at the university of Maine. I was asked  to participate in the performative presentation on October 14th. I provided a voice to speak for Ali in the presentation. I sat in the sound booth and performed (with coaching from Ali) a dramatic reading of the text provided by Ali. I was unable to view the performance as it was happening but a video was made. I will post the link when I have it.

I am grateful to Ali for allowing me to participate in the work. The performance gave me the opportunity to work with an established artist. It also allowed me to do something I had never done before and expand my experience with performance art. I learned a great deal about the authority of the artist in the space and the intensity of emotion that is spent like fuel building up to a performance.

I am also thankful for the chance to confront personal insecurities. I have never been entirely comfortable with my own accent. I lack the skill to alter it very much. It has always been a limiting aspect to my ability to participate in performance. I was very pleased that Ali asked me to work on the project. There were many other people with less “distinctive” speech mannerism who could have been chosen. I was flattered to be asked. I look forward to future collaborations.