Objects of Craft

This is an incomplete project. I made it for Creative Concepts. I spent 22 hours weaving beads. Then I, unexpectedly, ran out of beads. I have another piece made with the beads I need, but it will need to be disassembled before I can finish this one. Ultimately, it will become a woven bag in which I plan to put the representations of craft as relics of the process. I will add things like leather scraps, tubes of beads, unfinished beadwork, small scissors, blood stained band aids, thread, etc. The bag will contain within it, the object of its creation. The idea is to ask if understanding the process of creating a product influences perception of its beauty. I still hope to finish it before the semester end, but it will take at least another 12 hours of weaving, so I don’t think I can.


Also, I can’t find my box with my leather and tools in it. How does that happen? My apartment is tiny. It can’t have gone far!