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Interactivity Project: Experiencing an Alien Environment

Producing the Environment

The virtual environments were assembled using iPads. The iPads were reset to factory settings. Location services were turned off in an attempt to remove local influences. Each iPad was set up as a new iPad belonging to the profiled characters. The operating systems were updated. Apps were installed, including Face book, Google Suite, Amazon and Kindle as well as character specific Apps related to hobbies and interests. Character profile data was entered in the available Apps. Finally, a

Character Login and Password Information
James Williams



Best Friend in High School


Model of First Car

75 Ford F-100

Street where you grew up

Wares Ferry Road





Apple ID








Face book



Ashley Brown



Best Friend in High School


Favorite Children’s Book

Harry Potter

First Beach





search history was created. After each search, the first three non-advertisement links were clicked on each page to produce a web of related searches. This process  was repeated at least 3 times a day over the course of at least three days.

Character Search Terms
James Williams

Housing Costs in Montgomery Alabama

Hyundai Retirement

AmSouth Bank Online Banking

Dalriada Church of Christ

University of Alabama

Republican Candidates

Donald Trump

Election results

Did trump win

Obamacare repeal



Voter Registration IDs

Prohibiting Reallocation of Parks

Right to Work Amendment

Etowah Law Officer Supervision

Toll Roads Stink

How much money to retire


Fish Stories

Fish comics

How to catch bass

Best bass boats

Alabama Football schedule’

Roll Tide

Radial Arm Saw

Dewalt or Makita?

Best Scroll Saw

Ben Carson


Credit Karma

Alabama Attorney General

Ashley Brown

Apartments in Portland Maine

Roommates in Portland Maine

Inspiria Health Network

Camden National Bank Online Banking

University of Maine

Democratic Candidates

Hillary Clinton

Trump impeachment

Election recount

Electoral college


Winter temperatures 2016

Medical Marijuana

Gun Control

Increased Minimum Wage

Income Tax for Education

Ranked Choice Voting

What to read next

Best books of the year

Cross country skis

Best cross country in Maine

Magnolia Story

Thank you for Being Late

Bernie Standers: Our Revolution

The Boys in the Boats

Hypertension Life Expectancy

Hypertension Diet

Heart Disease Genetics

Amy Shumer





The construction of the environments had complicating factors. These have been listed for consideration:

  • The iPad stored data should have been completely deleted when reset. However, there were occasions when old IMRC login and password were requested. A former students video and camera files also reappeared during a Google Sync despite being logged in under the character id. This issue was never reconciled and suggests that the obscured data remains present.
  • Location tracking could not be fully disabled. While “Location Services” was disabled on The iPads, the location was still available once wifi was accessed. A VPN was considered but it was determined that use of the VPN would be more destructive than helpful to the construction of personalization.
  • The absence of usable credit card data limited the detail available in E-commerce transactions.
  • The project was conducted over a 3-day period. Many internet environments are created over the course of many years of use. This factor, while not necessarily limiting, should be considered when evaluating the outcomes.