Intermedia Studio Critique, Semester 1 Final Project Review

Artist Talks, Studio Visits, Resident Artists and Criticism Sessions in Journal 15.  This page is dedicated to project review.


Reviewing the Studio Plan

What I Did and Did Not Do

Process or Product

     Time-lapse Video

Time Chart

Analysis (Creative Statement?)

     Comparing Handmade/Machine-made Work

Origami Models

     3-d Printed Origami Models

     Creative Statement

     Short Paper (optional)

Postcards and My Creative Process (Altered)

Photographs of Postcards


Autobiography, Words & Visions

Revised Pecha Kucha

Additional Spontaneous Images with Mini Creative Statements


Why Didn’t I Do it?

Time-lapse Video

I did not do this because I did not build the apparatus I intended to use to make the long term recording easier. In hind sight, I could probably have done it anyway but I chose not to because the overall idea began to seem less important.

My logic was that a tripod (which I have) would not remain still as I moved around over the course of 10-12 hours or more of recording. I was also doubtful that I would be able to reset everything into a consistent position with every stop and start. My solution was to build a frame that would hold both my phone and a 4 x 6 piece of water color paper in the same position all the time. That way I could simply pick of the whole thing, stick my arm in, and work. I intended to use the phone because I felt it would be easier with something I could lay flat than with the wriggly tripod. Building it would have been a simple matter, but it took a while to get the A-Ok to use tools in the shop. By the time I did, I had lost interest.

The loss of interest occurred because as the project progressed, I realized the time-lapse was simply not useful. It did not do much to address my conceptual questions. I only wanted to do it to begin with because I thought it might be useful to help me improve my painting skill. I thought watching myself might help me identify why I take so long to do simple things, but I don’t need to watch to know that. I take a long time because my skills are rust and I am a perfectionist. I fix things that I perceive as “wrong” even when no one else would notice. I don’t need a video to show me that.

Conclusion: Better off without it


Comparing Handmade/Machine-made Work

I did not do the associated Origami Models project so I could not write the proposed essay.


Origami Models

This was very sad. This was the project I was most excited about. I started off with my 3-d printer lessons. I did an introduction with Sean. Then Wade taught me how to actually make something. I made a cube, and a bunny. Then we scheduled time to go scan the actual cranes. Then I got very sick. By the time I was well, everyone was very busy. There was no time left for me to be trained to scan the images and complete the project.

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Conclusions: Try again later!


Postcards and My Creative Process (Altered)

I revised this project. I intended to use my postcards like a journal, but that became problematic because then I could not send them. I knew that when I played it, but thought I could just write more to make up for saving some out. That ended up being more than I could do. Instead, I maintained my creative process in an idea log on this blog. This page may be password protected if it has been recently worked on without editing.


Since I really wanted to do a postcard project. I also did the Dinosaur’s Don’t Love Snow Days collection for IMRC Open Studio night.

Conclusions: A success.

What Did I Do?


I have spent approximately 200 hours doing research. The evidence of this is documented throughout this blog. It was not my intention to spend quite so much time in research, but I needed it. I don’t have a strong background in art (as many don’t). I need the research to be able to keep up with and adequately reflect on the discussions in class and the artist talks. Fortunately, I am a focused and dedicated researcher so I believe the was well spent. I hope that in the following semesters I will need somewhat less time but I am not really courting on it! There is so much we need to know in order to understand each other and our own work. We have to keep learning.


Idea Log

The idea log has been ongoing all semester with a fair degree of success. It is good to have a place to simply record my random ideas even if they are never implemented. The only thing I don’t like is making it open for public view. I feel a little weird sharing that.


Postcard Project

I continue my daily ritual of sending a postcard to my mother. However, documenting it is a bit of a problem. It takes a long time to take and edit photographs for display. I don’t have time to do that every single day just to show that I sent the card. I need to come up with a better way.


Postcard Project: Dinosaur’s Don’t Love Snow Days Collection

The Dinosaurs Don’t Love Snow Days Postcard collection was a fun project that I showed at the IMRC Open Studio Night. It took about 10 hours but I did it all in one day so it did have some errors. It wasn’t last minute due to lack of planning. I just didn’t come up with the idea until the first real snow. Then I liked it so much I had to do it right then.


Random Dinosaurs

I created Random Dinosaurs. The first one was for my Creative Concepts class, but I probably put a little more energy into it than the class warranted. The second one was just for me. There are three more that are in various stages of completion. I did it because I felt like it. It didn’t even occur to me to use it for class. Owen encouraged me to think about how things like this can become art, and so I am making a point to do that. I will think about it and add some conceptual direction in the future.


The Objects of Craft (incomplete)

The Objects of Craft is an incomplete project. I made it for Creative Concepts. I spent 22 hours weaving beads. Then I, unexpectedly, ran out of beads. I have another piece made with the beads I need, but it will need to be disassembled before I can finish this one. Ultimately, it will become a woven bag in which I plan to put the representations of craft as relics of the process. I will add things like leather scraps, tubes of beads, unfinished beadwork, small scissors, blood stained band aids, thread, etc. The bag will contain within it, the object of its creation. The idea is to ask if understanding the process of creating a product influences perception of its beauty. I still hope to finish it before the semester end, but it will take at least another 12 hours of weaving, so I don’t think I can.


Pecha Kucha and Revised Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha Overview

Creative Statement

Creative Process

Research and Documentation

Works of Literature



Related Journal Entries: Assignment and Evaluation 

This presentation will undergo continuous revision. Each revision will be notated so that the progression is preserved. Once I am satisfied, I would like to reproduce it in some combined format. I am considering taking good scans of the images and editing them slightly. Then I can combined them with the text to create a digital image to be printed.

Pecha Kucha Presentation Revision 1


The “Work” of Art (Process or Product)

The “Work” of Art

Studio Ajar 2, Final Presentations

I learned a lot from this project. Most of what I learned was about my own motivations and needs as an artist. I never timed myself before this project because time never mattered. I could work at whatever pace I wished. I tend to be dedicated and consistent so I did not anticipate any problems from timing myself. However, it did produce stress. I never felt I was going fast enough or doing enough. I lost a lot of the enjoyment I usually find in working. That is not good. I need to remember what I really believe is true, the process of creation is just as important as the result.

When I presented this project in Crit Class (Journal 13), I got a lot of good feedback and came up with ideas to improve it in the future but I was unsatisfied with its state for this semester. I worked on it every day for the next two weeks (and enjoyed it) and I feel that I was able to refine it into something worth showing. I am generally pleased with the project as well as the lessons I have learned. I will probably continue to maintain this project now that I am somewhat reconciled with the time I spend doing things.