Creative Concept Development – Journal 7, 10.18.16

Creative Plan, Weekly Sections

Assigned Readings

In The Making: Crafting an Artistic “Self,” pp 192-224

In the Making: Expressing an Artistic Attitude, pp 232-270


Response to the Readings

I don’t see animals as totem figures. I care about animals. I would never hurt an animal simply to cause suffering. I would never kill an animal just for fun. However, I would not elevate animals to the status of human beings. Even a beloved pet, is still a pet and much as I love them, I love people more. So, while I respect animals, I am not willing to make them sacred. I do find animals fascinating subjects for art. I really love to paint odd insects. I am particularly fond of praying mantis’s. They remind me more of animals than insects. Their eyes are so big and clear. It’s easy to imagine they are looking at us. In that way, I understand that the way we relate to animals is significant. I love the idea of letting the actions of the animals create art. I have kept many ant farms over the years. They are fascinating creatures.


Reverend Ethan Acres is from Fort Payne Alabama. That is such a weird little town. I went to summer camp there. It’s nice and somewhat different than the surrounding area. It’s an artsy kind of place. It doesn’t surprise me to find an artist like this in residence. I appreciate the joy in this fellows message even if I feel it is sadly misdirected.


What is my attitude towards art? I guess I like to find humor and satire in the work. I can be irreverent and opinionated and sometimes rude but I don’t think I want to push so far that people are unwilling to consider what I am doing.


On the other hand…. I do have a holographic Jesus that might offend a few people.


I guess I like to make the offensive things sort of… secret, you see them if you look but not at first glance. I want people to form their first impressions and then see the stuff that might piss them off. That way they are hooked before they get mad.



Class Overview

And…. this is when the confusion begins. Some people read different things at different times.


My attitude towards art…


I feel incredibly excited and hopeful about the direction humanity is moving. I am frustrated by the Eeyore-like doom and gloom preaching present in today’s society. I feel the need to poke some metaphorical holes in swollen, painful blisters of negativity. I know it can be irreverent.


Irreverent, fun, exciting, thought provoking, playful




My attitude is irreverent, satirical,  excited. I feel


Creative Possibilities

Assign attitude emoticons to my data collection. What was my mood while working on eachpiece?


Have viewers select emoticons to rate work.


Creative Response

This creative response was meant to have two parts that cover “Crafting an Artistic Self” and “Creating a Mission.” all of the confusion about which section to read when means that it ended up being done on the wrong day in the wrong order. The response remains appropriate to those two sections.

I don’t really want my artistic mission to be a directly affected by my biography. I don’t think my biography is necessarily important to the viewer. However, I acknowledge that my biography is a part of my work. I want what I want and I do what I do because of who I am. The work is from me and my artistic self will be reflected in the work even if no one knows or needs to know why.

This response contains two elements. The first (the mission) is a small painting which contains images that I felt could represent either my mission. The second part (the self) is a mirror that has been treated so that the reflection is removed from some parts of it. When I lay the mirror over the image, I see my mission and myself reflected back at me together.

I had some small technical difficulties. I have treated mirrors this way before but used muriatic acid. This time I used oven cleaner because I read that it worked well and created a similar result. I would disagree with that. It works, but it just removed sections of the silvering. It didn’t create the nice shades of silver where some parts reflect and some partially reflect and some are transparent. It works, but it isn’t as pretty as I would like. I purposefully used very bright colors because I expected the shading from the mirror to obscure it. It made the piece less serious and more cartoon-like.

I also had a problem with the frame. I bought it for this response. It had a dumb heart in the center but I assumed I could remove the cut out and just use the mirror. When I took it apart, I found that they decided to save a few bucks by making the mirror significantly smaller than the frame. That worked out well for painting since I wanted a small painting. It wasn’t so great for reassembling the mirror. I have to cut a new piece of thin wood if I want to reassemble it. I do not have any thin wood and I don’t know if I like the result enough to go buy some.

I think I made my point despite the technical difficulties. The concept is good. It might even be worth reproducing in the future.



See Link to Summary of Readings.

I included many links which I listed and shared with the class on Firstclass.