Creative Concept Development – Journal 14, 12.06.16

 Creative Plan

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Additional Research

Outline 2

Creative Plan Draft


Notes from Class

  • The remaining notes are documented in the outline and must be downloaded



Small Audience with shared knowledge base = Explicit Meaning, Maybe to other people would be implicit or obscured because they don’t have the knowledge base


slick shininess

shiny slickness

phrase fits well with the dirt metaphor


critical stance on musical culture



Someday this paper will be an  artist statement 250 words


structure of the space that makes the work available to the audience




computers in class create a privacy shield, separation of student’s teacher etc. Gotta be a better way to get the good without the bad


Question: When I am writing a statement, how much should I defend my belief “We have a moral responsibility to learn” Is this really the place to have that philosophical argument? OR am I simply providing enough information to explain what I think and why without necessarily seeking to convince others through in depth pursuit of the argument


A: Use the work to defend. Moderate explanation


Where is the work going?


Spalding grey


My audience is really the people who don’t agree with me, the anti-intellectuals


Aggressive vs. transgressive attitude