Creative Concept Development – Journal 13, 11.29.16


Assigned Readings

Art as Social Relations ( Bourriaud, Bishop and Braun)


Response to the Readings

Relational aesthetics seems to turn anthropology or sociology into art. This is something I can get on board with. I like the idea of performance and experimentation together.


The Braun article was one of the most useful that we have read. I wish we had started with it. The discussion of what Intermedia is was enlightening. The idea that the elements of the work cannot function separately was defining.


Creative Possibilities

I suppose when I am cooking fudge at school, it will be a little bit about relational aesthetics. At least it will if I have time to do it while people are around. I was thinking about the fact that most people don’t really know how to cook from scratch anymore so maybe the process could become some kind of experiment. If I have time I will flesh the idea out and see what I can do it with.



Creative Response

This was the class of the cool Creative Responses. Everyone had something interesting. Tim made a picture out of 5 different phones. Amanda had an audio recording. Steve played music. Virginia had a video. My creative response was a pair of audio collections from my mother and her best friend Connie.


The recordings where meant to show the way voice perception influences social groups.


The activity motivated me to begin a collection of such recordings. I have been asking my friends to make recordings of themselves reading. When I have accumulated enough of them I am going to create some kind of database or display to exhibit them. So far I only have 5, but I have been promised that my whole family will do this for me at Christmas. Then I can start bothering more people.


Listening to Connie’s heavy Southern accent reading John Lennon is unexpected. Not all southerners are crazy pro-trump racists but right now it probably seems that way. The contrast between the words and the expectations associated with the voice was poignant.


I am attempting to upload the audio recordings but I think I need to convert them to YouTube files.



WTF is Relational Aesthetics