Creative Concept Development – Journal 12, 11.22.16


Assigned Readings

Art as Behavior (Dewey, Dissanayake)


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Response to the Readings

DAMN DEWEY. I bought the book. Then I listened to it while I relaxed, thinking that maybe if I listened I would get more out of it. I really struggled with his continues use of the word “rhythm” I wasn’t sure what he meant and I found it frustrating.


The idea that art is something that is biological strikes me as … Well, I am skeptical. I understand that it is absolutely culture and passed down from parents to children and shared throughout social groups but I don’t think that is necessarily biological.


Maybe it is. Maybe it is like mating and grooming rituals in the animal kingdom. We have selected for people with a predisposition to the arts because it also linked to survival traits.


Creative Possibilities

Visual representations of Rhythm

access anthropological texts comparing dances across cultures. Create video showing similarities in dance. record children dancing and look for similarities



Creative Response

I understood rhythm to be about the repetition of pattern which I could not produce with sound since I am incapable of even clapping in time and so I attempted to create a visual representation. I folded the origami into a pattern called “Fireworks.” It joins together multiple segments so that they can be repeatedly turned inside out to create a starburst pattern that collapses into a flower and bursts open again.




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