Creative Concept Development – Journal 11, 11.15.16


Assigned Readings

Art as Object and Anti-object (Danto, Dickie, Collingwood)


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Creative Possibilities



Creative Response

I spent 22 hours on this creative response. I was inspired by the question of craft. At what point do the objects of construction become art? I decided I wanted to make something that contained within it the objects of its making. Bags are a common product of beadwork. The woman who taught me said that you should always make a bag first and fill it with items that are special to you as a sort of spiritual process. I am sure anyone who knows me can imagine that I wasn’t particularly interested din the spiritual aspects, but I did like the symbolism of creating something with my hands that held parts of myself. I thought something similar would work for this response. I hoped I would be able to finish it in time but I ran out of beads. I have more beads but I used them to weave a bracelet. They need to be un-woven so I can finish this piece and add in the elements that symbolize its making.

Unfinished Bead Bag