Creative Concept Development – Journal 10, 11.08.16

Creative Plan, Weekly Sections

Assigned Readings

In the Making: Measuring Success pp 352-392


Response to the Readings

Success was the least interesting section of the book. The features artists were interesting but the subject matter wasn’t. I am not far along enough in my journey to have a clear idea of what success means. Ultimately, I guess success just means fulfilling elements of my mission but even that isn’t really true because I don’t actually expect to change the world. I think I would be satisfied with simply engaging people. Even if I am not sure they are getting the idea I intend, if they are engaged there is the possibility that one day they will figure it out.


Class Overview

I did not prepare for this class on the correct date. The work was actually done on 11.01.16. I was still sick so I typed everything in class.


Creative Possibilities

So…. The mission statement is what I think about the world and art, but it isn’t what I have focused on this semester. This semester I have focused on Time, more specifically Artists Time. I asked myself to consider the value of art. I have enjoyed working on this, but I have had the nagging feeling that it wasn’t important enough to justify my time (ironic, I know). I think it is time for me to bring in some of the ideas that I do think are more important. This links to some of what I read about Victoria Vesna. Her work made me consider the role technology plays in our understanding of time. This then inspired me to incorporate that into my own work. I don’t quite know how so I am asking myself how technology has already affected the time I spend on a work.


  1. Online Shopping

Yippie for Amazon App! It takes me about 10 seconds to buy a new paintbrush when one of them starts to get raggedy. As long as I don’t wait until the last minute, I always have what I need.


  1. Internet Brainstorming

I brainstorm on the internet. Sometimes when I don’t know what to do, I enter funny phrases or words into googles image search and I see what comes up. If I didn’t have the computer and internet, I would have to do this with books in a library or people in a class. My exposures would be greatly limited. Because of technology, I have time to connect to thousands of other works done over an unknown period and yet immediately available to me. That seems important to me.


  1. Video Tutorials

I use video tutorials. I have been painting a lot lately. I chose to do this because I felt I needed to revive some basic artistic skills. Until this semester, I had not painted for years. Sometimes I forget how to do things. I have used many video tutorials to help me figure it out. This is much faster than taking painting classes or consulting with peers. I organize my work. Organization


  1. Organization

I keep my blog (mostly) up-to-date. Organizing the information there serves as a mental checklist. It helps me stay focused and aware of my own time. It also provides a fast overview of my accomplishments


  1. Communication

This probably should go first. I feel like it may be the most important. Technology allows us to be in greater contact with each other. I can use a cell phone, video chat or social media to connect with people. This saves me (and everyone else) a lot of time.  I know that some people find this access to communication distracting, but I find just the opposite. My brain is extremely hyperactive. It is hard for me to focus when other people are around. I like people a lot.  But being around people can be too stimulating. I need to be alone to do my best work. When I was younger, this made me somewhat isolated. I couldn’t maintain strong personal connections because I needed so much time alone. It is much easier now that I can send a text or write a Facebook message. I can make these short, easy connections to people without compromising my alone time. This helps my art too. I can talk to people about what I am doing and I can ask questions. A few days ago I spent a couple of hours brainstorming ideas with a friend in Buenos Aires. We used Skype. Two hours of in-person time would have required two hours of recovery for me. I probably would not have bothered to do it. It would not have been worth my time.


  1. Digital Books

I know Owen loves hard copy texts with an almost religious devotion so I am afraid I may be defaming his god but…. I really don’t love books. At least, I don’t love the physical form of books. I own thousands of books in a storage building and I would burn them all if I could be certain I would never lose my digital copies. As far as I am concerned, a hard copy only exists in case of the zombie apocalypse.  E-books save time. I can read faster with customized text layouts. I can search the text. I can switch from book to book with a touch of my hand. I can copy and paste and insert notes with just my voice. I can switch from reading to listening or if I am in a pinch, I can listen to one and read another. Emerging tech has made even graphics better in E books. You can enlarge and examine images There can be videos and hypertext links and all kinds of wonderful ways to incorporate more data. This lets me do more in less time and I love it.


  1. Transportation

I can drive. Other people can drive and bring me stuff. It is faster than walking


  1. Environment Control

I don’t have to quit when it is too humid, hot, cold etc. I can work whenever I want.


  1. Medical Technology

I am not dead. I have more control over my body and health. More time to work.


  1. Food Preparation

Pop tarts and pickles exist and I possess them for time saving meals


  1. Materials Science

Better paint, synthetic brushes, fine tipped pens. I can work faster with these things.


Idea: It might be interesting to create some charts that show the time other people contribute to my work. How many hours did it take me to paint a 4 x 4 inch square? Plus, how many hours did it take to ship me the supplies, influence the ideas, etc etc. I haven’t quite fleshed this out yet. I feel like I am on the edge of a good idea but not there yet. Any suggestions?


The subjective value of the Venezuelan Bolivar. Creative Response

I was thinking about measuring success as measuring value. Value is so subjective. What something is worth depends very much on who is doing the assessment. That led me to think about Venezuela. Venezuela has the most devalued currency in the world. The government doesn’t want to admit this so they decide on different levels of value for their currency. There are 3 levels. They assign a rate to each of those levels but the rate does not reflect the “real” rate which is the 4th level, the black market rate. Subjectivity is not a great thing when assigning value to currency. Art is another matter.

I decided I would use one of my Venezuelan bills to fold origami. I discovered that it doesn’t work very well because Venezuelan bills don’t have useful proportions. Instead, I took one of the bills and covered it with repetitions of the word “Art.” I thought about using pictures instead of words, but I wanted to make the connection more direct. These bills are only useful as art because their value is subjective and subjective value is a characteristic of art.

Note: The money is slick and waxy. I didn’t have any old worn out bills. The ink smeared so I added paint. The paint took a really long time to dry. The photo was taken at a later date and shows the problems with materials.



Venezuela’s Bizarre System of Currency Exchange