Intermedia Studio Critique – Journal 15, 12.09.16

Also see Final Project Review

Artist Talks

Question: Where are the vimeo videos of the talks? I would like to link to them.


Bad: The Artist Talks were on Tuesday after the first year students were in class for the whole day. I know it is convenient for people like Virginia who have to travel and I would be willing to keep doing it for their sake. However, it is stressful to be in class for so long. There were many times, (honestly, almost every time) when I just wanted to go home. I was usually glad to be there after-the-fact, but  I resented the time when it was happening.


Bad: Too many music sessions. This is not just because I don’t love music. Music was three of the  nine presentations. That seems disproportionate to me. I would like to see more diversity to represent more aspects of the Intermedia program.


Good: Meeting real artists. I really enjoyed meeting the artists and getting to know them as people. This is especially good for me. I’ve spent so long in the education world that most of my friends are also associated with that world. I need to know more people with more diverse experiences.


Good: Diversity. I know, I said there should be more, and that is true. What we did have was good. I saw art that I would not have otherwise accessed at all. It helped open my mind to what is possible.


Idea: I really should do more research about the artists before they come. It would be nice if we were prepped during class a little more. Sometimes front loading is useful.


Studio Visits

I had studio visits with Will Rogan and Katarina Burin. I wanted to meet with Ellen Wieske but she was not available.


Bad: I should have signed up with more artists. I don’t think I really understood what I was supposed to do at first. I thought I had to have a large body of work to show them. I didn’t have that so I didn’t sign up. Now that I know I don’t have to do that I will try and sign up to meet every artist.


Good: Will and Katarina were both very helpful. Will gave me some excellent advice about curating objects. Katarina helped me open my mind to the idea of what is and is not art. She also encouraged me to put together a more studio-like studio.


Artists in Residence

Ali and Laura have been a great resource. I had a few informal studio visits with Laura and it was great. She is articulate and thoughtful. I wish she could stay longer. She has a fascinating perspective on art.


Ali gave me the chance to participate in his presentation. Providing a voice over was an educational process. I have not done any kind of performance in many years. I appreciated it. He has also been a valuable resource for performance in general. When I was planning my aborted interactivity project, he helped me think more precisely and careful about the staging and implementation of the performance.


Criticism Sessions

Bad: I did not take adequate notes during my peers criticism. More accurately, I did not keep up with them well. In some cases I took very extensive notes. In others I did not. However, I made a mistake with my one drive that lost a lot of files. The mistake was really my own fault and would not have happened if I had been more diligent about keeping my notes. There is plenty of time in class and after class to do that. I will not make that mistake in future classes.


Bad: I should have presented earlier in the semester. I did volunteer on the first day but it was already spoken for. Then things kind of snowballed and I did not ask to present again. First I was very wrapped up in researching for Interactivity. I put all my focus on that,  which led me to neglect a lot of the organizational work required to present my Studio work. I did the work. I just didn’t do much to bring it all together so that I felt I could present it. I read and read and read and I painted and timed myself but I did not try to organize it. Then I got sick and I was even less interested in presenting. I had no voice and I was extremely tired from lack of sleep. Next semester I will know to present as early as possible just in case something goes wrong later.


Good: I did learn a lot from the criticism sessions. In that regard, I am not sure the notes are necessary. I would like to have the records of them for reference but I don’t think I actually need them that much. The overall result is still good. I learned a lot about how to discuss work.


Each student spent a lot of time going over details and almost everyone participates very well. It is helpful when people question and comment. It is also helpful when people give suggestions. I have gotten a lot of good ideas out of this practice.


Good: It is also nice to have three teachers in the room. I find that they do a good job of modeling discussions with disagreement. It is also good to get these very different perspectives. Each one brings something unique to the discussion. Jolene seems to see the emotional implication of work which adds a lot of depth to my thinking since I tend to shy away from that at times. Owen definitely has the most open mind. He seems to see possibilities in everything. That has been very helpful to me since I tend to discount things too easily. Nate can be very helpful since he is not afraid to play the bad guy. Sometimes that helps you think of problems you would not otherwise have considered. Unfortunately, he can be inconsistent. He seems to argue just because he thinks taking the opposing view is always useful. That means that he sometimes contradicts himself. He says things that don’t fit with his previous statements and he seems to give contradictory advice to different students. I strongly suspects he does not see it this way. I think he would say that he is just playing the devil’s advocate to make us think, and he probably is. Other students seem to respond well to it, but I do not find it very helpful. It’s hard to consider what he says when I don’t know if it is real or just for the sake of argument.


Idea: Next semester, I need to create a more involved method of evaluating my own work and others. I need a list of questions and concepts that I should be thinking about with all work. I will make a list and create a template for studio class. That would solve the problem of lost journals as well as helping me focus.