Intermedia Studio Critique – Journal 13, 11.29.16

Class Overview

My Criticism session.


I presented my graphs and timed painting. It was a pretty useful Crit session. Owen suggested that I display them and then turn them into some kind of alternative book. I really like that. I would like to be able to do it in time for the final presentation.


Ultimately, I don’t feel like my major project was very successful. I learned from it but I didn’t produce what I wanted. I think that timing myself so much put me in the wrong state of mind. It increased the likelihood that I would resist doing things because I was hyper aware of how slow I am at actual art production.


Jolene talked about the way that people value time. Sometimes an item is worth more because of the amount of time that people put into it. She used a Game of Thrones character as a reference. I think it was sparrow.


I also feel like I should have done a Crit session earlier. It might have redirected my work earlier in the year.


When I look at my charts, I see that I have worked very hard. I have produced consistently. Even when I was sick I managed. I tend to work without getting distracted. This is all hood. However, I think the work still suffered from disorganization in the middle of the semester. I should have stopped and organized the work rather than just doing it. I think there was sufficient space to see where it was going and I could have made changes earlier. On the other hand, I didn’t do that because I felt so bad so much not because I didn’t know I should, so I guess it really couldn’t have gone any other way.


For Next Class: Be ready for Grad night!


Artist Talk on Experimental Music Practices

It was an experiment in sound. There was a group from outside the school, combined with students from the program. Aside from the product itself, I was not thrilled to use Art Talk time to view my peers. I can view them in Studio Ajar, in Studio class, or even on a completely separate day. I would rather have had another visiting lecturer during that time.  On the other hand,  I don’t really know the contribution of the other party. Maybe this was just an opportunity for our people to interact and participate with another artist. I wasn’t part of it so I don’t know. I think this is another case where we could have used some information front loading.


The performance itself was interesting. They started by burning a match out. Then they moved on to nature sounds and stones. I found the nature sounds soothing but I didn’t quite understand what was going on with the stones. They were banging out patterns, but the patterns seemed to be in conflict. I don’t think there was any overall pattern. There were also voices. Everyone basically made the same sound over and over. Or else, I didn’t hear the variations, which I am told is likely. Then they did a kind of half chant half drone thing. They sang words to a paragraph. I think they were all using the same tone again. I asked Owen to explain it. He explained the separation of the pieces. He also said it was about rethinking what we think of as sound or music.