The Interactive Paradigm – Journal 11, 11.16.16


Class Preparation

New Interactivity Project Proposal


Class Overview

My voice is down for the count. I probably will not regain enough of it to do the project I planned. I met with Alicia and Owen to discuss ideas for a new project.


It started off with the idea of “virtual identity.” I wanted to know if there was a way that the computer could generate a personal based on the information in a text. For instance, if I did lots of searches using keywords from a work of literature, would the Filtering system in web browsers and other internet access points interpret that information and create a virtual identity for the text.


I went around and around about it, but ultimately I came to the conclusion that it would not work. The problem is, everything I could think of would simply return results based on the work selected. It would give me study sites and scholarly articles and links to related works. It wouldn’t generate a person.


Obviously I could generate a false person, but what would be the point?
So discussion with Owen led me a step further. The plan is to create false personas based on archetypal personalities and enter those archetypes into I Pads to create the virtual environment linked to the archetype. Then people will be asked to explore ideas through the filter of these disparate archetypes.


We discussed it in class.


Class started around 1:10. Katarina Burin sat in. We discussed until around 1:45. Then Nate said I had been talking for an hour and moved on to Alicia for the rest of the class. I suspect that he forgot that we started late. I could have argued but I was angry and tired of arguing so I didn’t.


The discussion wasn’t very productive anyway. It started off ok. Then got hung up when I disagreed with Nate’s idea. I pointed out that his suggestion would simply change my project into something else. It wasn’t helping me to refine the project I wanted to do. That seems to be the point of contention. I am working within the confines of the class but I am not interested in the same things the others are interested in.  When I say “no” that does not interest me, it really isn’t accepted. I just get more arguing instead of moving on to more helpful discussions.


Alicia did point me in the direction of good demographic research as a starting point. I will use that to create the archetypes.