Intermedia Studio Critique – Journal 11, 11.15.16

Class Overview

My voice was back but not reliable. I still didn’t feel awesome due to lack of sleep but I managed to get through class and remain somewhat productive.


Adams critique session. He showed us his images that are animated photographs. We also talked about Steve’s nature photographs. He made audio of sounds to go with images of nature. The photos were nice but didn’t quite accomplish what he want. They seemed to get lost in nostalgia rather than the statement he meant to make. I think his revisions will be great as he incorporates the ideas.


Artist Talk with Katarina Burin

Ratio 3 Gallery

Art Space Bio

Harvard Department Profile

News Paper Article on ICA’s Foster Prize

Petra Andrejova-Molnár


Katarina presented her work through the works of Petra Andrejova-Molnár. This is an invented architect that she created based on real people. The character may not have existed, but she could have. The detail and precision of the work was remarkable. I think using an invented character is important. It isn’t really a lie. She created someone with so much depth that she is imbued with life. In the end, does it matter if she is physical or just an idea?


I did not go out to dinner afterwards because I still felt too bad.


Studio Visit with Katarina Burin

Katarina met me in the library and we had a rather prolonged visit. She was very encouraging. One of the things that came out of it is the need for me to create a studio space. It isn’t just about a work space. I am managing that fairly well at home. I need to find a way to create collections. She helped me think about the way that a collection becomes art in the assembly of the different pieces. I ended up using that idea in a project I will implement next semester in which I am collecting voices. I am also taking her advice about the studio. I still don’t feel like moving into the IMRC will be the best plan, but I am going to spend the holidays creating a more functional studio in my home. Next year, maybe, I will start moving things into the IMRC. Right now I think it is important that I remain immersed in my work. In other words, I want my stuff in the place that I spend the most time. Right now, that is home. It is quiet and I don’t get distracted like I would in a shared studio. Maybe next year I will change it.