Intermedia Studio Critique – Journal 10, 11.08.16

Class Overview

We had two critique sessions.  I was still pretty sick. I had to type everything because I could not speak well. I know it was annoying. On the plus side, I took lots of notes thanks to all the typing. Then I lost them. I am very bothered by my disorganization regarding class notes in Criticism class.

  Artist Talk with Will Rogan

Two x Two for AIDs and Art

Altman Siegel Exhibit

The Thing Quarterly

 Will started with an interesting video of a Hurst exploding in slow motion. He gave us a general overview of his work. He does a lot of things that I have done myself. His kinetic sculptures surprised me because I have made those kinds of things but I had no concept behind them I didn’t assign any meaning to them. They just where. I did it because I liked the idea of balancing things in surprising ways. I liked the idea of art in motion and art you can influence and change. He also showed us his work on The Thing Quarterly. This also grabbed my interest on a personal level. I have done that kind of thing as well. I have currated objects and packed them up and sent them in a series. I did it because I thought it was a fun way of sharing ideas with people I cared about. His work encourages me to maybe think a little more about what I was doing and why.

Will Rogan: “We are on this planet that’s spinning around the sun and it’s totally insane”

Interview about public sculpture. He says something in the interview about some photographs he took. He says it didn’t really matter how he took it. He said it was just about “that thing” in a different context. It didn’t matter about the photography. I like that because it makes me think of all the things I just snap images of. I always think they are not worthwhile because I am generally not much of a photographer. When I look at it the way he does, I think maybe I can do more with them. They can matter as objects that I have chosen and elevated. I also like his ideas about connecting larger thoughts to smaller sweeter, more personal thoughts and the way that it makes us sensitive to things.



Studio Visit with Will Rogan

I still didn’t have much of a voice but Will was very nice about it. We had a great discussion about gathering objects. He also traveled through Alabama to see the meteor museum. I went there when I was a kid (and every other tiny, nowhereville museum in the state). I love that he did that and that he found so much meaning in it. I found all of his stories quite inspiring. It was particularly useful since I was feeling so overwhelmed and down because of being sick for so long. Talking to him inspired me to get moving again.