The Interactive Paradigm – Journal 8, 10.26.16

Class Preparation

Link to Brainstorm in Journal 7

Link to Project Proposal



Class Overview

I was very sick, but I felt like I had to come in. I know Nate didn’t want me to and I am sure no one else did either, but I felt like I had to get on with the project since I had not presented the previous week.


I met with Alicia before class (didn’t record the date) to revise the project. She helped a lot. I went through several iterations and came up with the proposal linked above. We held class on 10.26.16.  I have included the class comments in the proposal.


The class got bogged down on one of my earliest questions. The choice of book was argued for a long time. Ultimately, I asked to move on. Instead, we moved on to another student and never addressed my other questions. I went home early.


I E mailed Nate and Owen and told them both how I felt. We tried to meet but between travel and illness it didn’t really happen. Ultimately, I decided to just move on.