Intermedia Studio Critique – Journal 7, 10.18.16

Class Overview

I found undated notes on Alicia’s criticism. I hope this was the correct date.

The notes were vague, but this quote stood out. Alicia said, “I cannot simulate what can otherwise be a real experience.”

Artist Talk with Ellen Wieske


 This was a good artist talk. While she was not very “concept focused” looking at her work made me think about the way that we explore materials. I think that exploring and testing the boundaries of materials is conceptual. I hadn’t considered it before, but maybe “because I can” really is just about testing the limits of what is possible.

She may claim not to be heavily conceptual, but I found that the work was. She started her presentation with a series of mailbox photographs. I think she approached it like a “hook” in an essay or presentation, but I found it interestingly symbolic.

I also liked the way she incorporated irony into her work. the idea of creating fine jewelry with tin backing is nice. It really shows the strangeness of the way that we assign value to things.