10.05.16 Interactivity, Post Reading Questions

(From E-mail Written 09.17.16) I spent this morning doing some independent reading on Interactivity. I tried to break it down more by thinking about similar arguments in fields I am more familiar with.

For instance, the literary term “magical realism” has more than one accepted definition. There are some contradictory arguments concerning what it is that are mutually exclusive but similarly rational. If I were going to write about it, I would need to begin by making an argument to select a definition or define the term myself. These are the things I would consider when doing that.

History of the Term

Accepted Definitions of the Term

Problems with Each Definition

List of Works which would be classified by the term using each definition

Expert Opinions (authority)

Associated Theories

Historical and Socio-cultural Contexts

Parallel Structures in Other Areas of Study

My Definition

How My Definition Corresponds to Accepted Definitions

Explanation for my Choice

I think I need to know similar things to define Interactivity. Our readings are giving a lot. I read them all but as I go through and study them each week, I add a much deeper understanding of how they specifically connect to Interactivity.

I think I need to know more about the history of the term “Interactivity” within the world of Art. I know we have discussed it, and it is addressed in some of the last section of readings, but I feel like I don’t know enough. It would also help to read some conflicting views by scholars. What do the other experts say? Are there works I could look at to make comparisons? If you have links or additional readings that would help me, I will read them. I may not take notes on them but I will read them.

E-mail Response from Aldrich:

…what you say below is indeed a big part of the process of conceptualizing!…we will get to interactive art specifically with the 4th set of readings and beyond, but feel free to do so, but I am trying to stick to the stepwise progression I set out in the basic outline of the readings sp we can get from the idea of interactivity as a world view to the actualization of that worldview in creative activity…that said, here are 2 historically important artists in instituting “interactive art”:

David Rokeby


David Behrman