The Interactive Paradigm – Journal 6, 10.05.16

Class Readings

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Interactivity Questions

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Class Overview

I missed class because my car messed up. The gear shift got stuck and simply would not move. It finally came unstuck at about 1:30. It was so late I just took the truck to the shop where (as per usual) they could not figure out what caused the problem. I hate the truck! Jim gave me notes for study.

 Notes from Jim:

“To give you a tiny, vague idea: the class you missed was open forum. We debated methodology vs. method. We did a drawing exercise. We debated the concert and music as a narrative object. We role played not liking the concert and why. We looked at a Japanese artist who is so bad it is fantastic. We look at polar opposites in craft vs. concept such as in out of tune music: good art / bad art / not art. That is my synopsis in very short form. Have a great weekend and Mon + Tues is no school. Be well.

Have ready for next Wed not readings but 1st version of a project proposal. Have it a presentation sort of kind of. The floor is yours, so to speak. Then be ready for heavy response from our teacher. Your idea is to be flexible as he reacts. The helpful hint might be clarity of motivation & concept, then perhaps as a couple of means (method + methodology) of how it could be expressed. Have it ready to present comfortably. Other than that last essay in quick like fast. Nothing on readings per se for class, just your 1t project that you feel fits the mood of things. A little vague but you provide answers– or check syllabus. All this we my wording. School reopens that Wed. Be well. Now ya know some.”

Notes & Research

method v. methodology

Method = tools

Methodology = justification for using specific tools

This Website Sums it up pretty well but it is not in relation to art

Feldman’s Method of Art Criticism

Not sure why my search turned this up, but I used it with my students so I thought I would save the link in case I want to consult it later.

Astrobiology Article: Defining Life

Scientific America: Why Life Doesn’t Really Exist