Intermedia Studio Critique – Journal 6, 10.04.16

Class Overview

Eleanor and Jim Critique session


Artist Talk with Thomas Buckner on Monday 10.03.06

Thomas Buckner Web Site


Thomas Buckner’s presentation was part discussion and part performance. I am afraid much of the work went over my head. I understand that he is showing us different


ways to listen to sounds. He produces this sort of constant stream of sound with his voice. It doesn’t seem to change very much, which is pretty remarkable. I am not sure how it relates to the world of music in general or art in specific. It wasn’t bad, but it also did not mean as much to me as I would like.


Artist Talk with Eugene Chadbourne 10.04.16

This performance was very frustrating. I really did not enjoy it at all. The singer sang songs that were recognizable. His voice is nice and the choice of songs was entertaining. Then he played instruments. That is where I got frustrated. They music and the voice did not seem to match up at all. It was like watching TV and listening to music at the same time. I can see that he is a very skilled musician. The speed at which he played was amazing. I just don’t understand why he wanted to play that way. I am sure there is a reason, but I don’t know what it is.


The improvisation with IMRC musicians wasn’t any easier to understand. There were so many sounds going on all at once that it was all I could do to stay in my seat at all. It was visually impressive. There was always something to look at. I tried to focus on that to give myself an anchor. Overall, the whole thing was incredibly confusing.


Eugene Chadbourne Interview and Performance

He says in the interview that he isn’t thinking about the audience. I suppose that makes sense!