Creative Concept Development – Journal 6, 10.04.16

Creative Plan, Weekly Sections

Assigned Readings

In The Making: Scoping an Audience, pp 1-119


Response to the Readings

I like this book. I find it helpful. I am making flashcards to help me learn all these artists. I can remember hundreds of authors. I know who they were and what they write and why they matter. I can do the same with art. I will and this is step one.

I also like that the book is well organized. If you were in a hurry, you could scan it very effectively and understand the basic concepts. Everything is lined up nicely. My only complaint might be that it doesn’t have enough pictures for what it is.

This section is divided into three parts: Choosing a Constituency (One-for-all, One-for-many, One-on-One), Communicating with Audience ( Explicit, Implicit, Obscured Meanings) and Relating to the Audience

We need to think of our audience first, or if not firs, at least diligently. We can have the greatest concepts ever but if we don’t know what to do with them…. well, we could end up like Emily Dickinson and have our secret greatness exposed to the world. More than likely, we will simply do our art for ourselves and not really share and so it will fade away. This may be ok. If it isn’t. Think about audience.

I think that I like the idea of symbolism that is multilayered. If I tell my audience what to think but then they have to figure out what I mean, it is kind of a game. Anything can be a symbol.

Do I want to make people angry? I don’t know. Sometimes I think they need to be angry. I am just not sure I am the one who should do it. I tend to make people more angry than I intend. Then they stop listening. On the other hand, sometimes I am so angry I really want everyone else to feel it too.

Class Overview

Compare Shuckman, Weintraub, with McLuhan

Is there a difference between media and how media itself, not the message, media itself shapes our understanding (viewer, receiver?)

Medium is the message, It doesn’t matter what you say in television; ultimately it is much different through television than speaking, read, etc. Shaping cognitive evolution

Relating to the Audience: Are you with your audience or against your audience

James Rittman

Alexis Rockman, Battle Royale

The space between media, between painting and sculpture

Amanda on Kinkaid “Whatever”

We each picked an artist to discuss. I chose Matthew Ritchie because of the depth of his work. The incredible scale of what he does impressed me. It is also beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. I know that doesn’t always matter, but I like to look at it. I like things that I like to look at. I also liked the way that he mapped out and explained everything that he did. It made me think that he wanted people to understand and I like that. His use of folklore to create his characters was funny and insightful.


Creative Possibilities

Everything is a symbol. Make a book of symbols and turn that into the work.

I keep coming back to games. Make a game. A game where you have to match obscured and explicit symbols.

I like the idea of providing food but I feel like that kind of work has been done. Still, I haven’t done it yet. I will try to work it in when I can.


Creative Response

I spent a long time on my creative response this week. I got a little carried away. It covers two parts of the reading. The first is humor. I like the idea of using humor. I like things that are odd and a little off-beat and certainly ironic. This leads in to symbolism.

Dinosaurs are symbolic. They are what we saw as children and felt awe. They inspired as to learn and to want to learn. That makes them a sort of symbol of wonder and I want people to experience that. Barbie is also symbolic. She is what kids use to learn social roles. She isn’t bad. We all have to do that. But, she isn’t about wonder either. She is about fitting in and learning to be like everyone else and yet still finding status. So…

Barbie and her ilk usually win the battle for our thoughts, but I thought that just this once, the dinosaurs should win. Wonder and excitement about learning should win. And so I made it happen. I painted  and decorated my dinosaurs to give them a sort of modern-tribal aesthetic. Then I gave them a Barbie to sacrifice up to the creativity gods. Poor Barbie.


I was a bit sad that no one seemed to get the symbolism. Owen said it was “obscured” but that tells me I need to work it out more clearly and specifically. It was funny and everyone laughed and that was the important part.


Dinosaurs are Awesome

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I included many links which I listed and shared with the class on Firstclass.